Friday, May 16, 2014


 Bought myself some new kicks...still not sure about them. 
This guy was excited for a nice Saturday at the Farmer's Market.
He got a huge homemade doughnut and had a great time.
Gibby also liked his doughnut.  
Mema and Papa were in town to join us. Caderyn had Papa Craig hopping over cracks in the ground with giant leaps and laughs.  
This my belly.  
Caderyn had a windy soccer game. 
Sunday was Mother's Day and we loaded up to go to Great Falls and see family.  
Lucy wasn't overly thrilled about the car ride.  
Ready to go!  
Pure Corgi bliss.   
Grandpa and his buddy watching Frozen. 
Playing with Aunt Becky. 
Got mah nails did.
Have a great weekend.

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