Tuesday, May 6, 2014


But before you continue with my wonderful rendition of "Our Trip to Arizona as Experienced Through the Lense of My Iphone" some photos my parents took that they sent to me:
Snuggles before bed. Oh man, look at that fancy lady Gibby is sitting next to. She looks AWESOME.
 Family Easter photo featuring: 1. A mysterious and foggy Papa, wiggle-worm Caderyn, Me, Gorgeous as always Mimi, and the child named Gabriel who is always eating.
Mimi and her guys.
The day after Easter my fabulous friend named Sarah (also) picked me up and we went on a five-hour shopping jaunt to Scottsdale. Woop Woop.
We ended the day exhausted and with a trip to Sprinkles.
Because, duh.
Mmmmmm so good. They have the best frosting.
While Sarah and I shopped, my mom and dad took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza.
The day after this, I woke up and was super sick. Went to the doctor, got antibiotics and codine cough syrup. So I crashed on the couch while my parents took the kids to the zoo. I was really bummed I missed the zoo. I love the zoo.
Thankfully they took some pictures.  
And the Caderyn and my Dad flew a kite.
The next day I felt so-so and decided that no way in heck was I going to miss out on an opportunity to take the boys to the McCormick Train Park. Ahhh! Love that place.
Please note I am wearing short. This almost NEVER happens.
Gibby was the best helper.

Found this gem buried in some family pictures
And then we had to fly home. Sadsies.
Here are some photos of our weekend back.
Caderyn's first soccer game of the spring!

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