Thursday, June 12, 2014


This morning I had a breakfast date with Caderyn. On the way there we had quite the interesting conversation.

Caderyn: Mommy is your gas tank on empty?
Me: No.
Caderyn: Are you sure? I had a dream it was empty.
Me: I'm sure, don't worry about it.
Caderyn: Can I drive the car?
Me: What? No. Not until your 16 at the earliest.
Caderyn: But in my dream you let me drive the car.
Me: And the gas tank went empty when you were driving it?
Caderyn: Yes.
Me: Then no. You may not drive the car you crazy kid.
Caderyn: But I'm ready to drive it now. I know how to drive it because I did it in my dream! In my dream I did a good job.

And then we went and ate chocolate chip pancakes.

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