Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Our one full day in D.C. we were up early. My curly hair takes a beating in the humidity; I tried working with it and then just gave up and put it in a braid. Once we were ready for the day we grabbed a fantastic breakfast sammie and coffee from Cosi and then set about our day.
We walked by the White House again and over to the Washington Monument. Lots of pictures were taken here, obviously.


We continued walking and made it to the World War II Memorial and then the Korea/ Vietnam Memorial. This one was important because my Dad's cousin was a pilot during the Vietnam War and he was shot down. His body was never recovered. We were able to find his name on the memorial and did a scratching of it for my Dad. I tell you, that memorial was extremely emotional. From there we hopped over to the Lincoln Memorial and took some standard touristy photos.

After we saw the memorials, we trekked on over to the National Archives because Jeff wanted to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We weren't allowed to take pictures once we were inside so you just get some shots of us waiting in line to get in. After this we were starving and decided to eat at a Chipotle Falafal truck, yes, true story. Well the people who were cooking were trying to close down so they told us if we would help them let people know they were closed, they would give us a free lunch. And they did! It was pretty good! Once lunch was finished we wandered over to the Museum of Natural History, it was incredibly crowded so we didn't stay very long. We also walked over to the Museum of Native American History. That one was kind of disappointing. It was a gorgeous building and there are lots of amazing artifacts, but they didn't pinpoint certain things like Native American struggles, important battles or a timeline of events, and what bothered me was how they didn't really connect to the Native Americans today. Being from Montana, you know a pretty fair amount of information about Native American history both past and present and I didn't see any of this being presented. I felt like those needed to be addressed and throughout the whole, huge museum, there was just this empty feeling. Like something was missing. After this museum, I discovered I was sun burnt and it hurt. We tried to walk over to the Botanical Gardens but kind of realized we were both exhausted. So we grabbed dinner at Fuel Pizza again (SO GOOD) and then went back to crash for the night.
 Oh hey, what the heck is going on with my hair here? 
This is my sexy pose! 
Doesn't this kind of look like Lucy? 

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