Monday, June 9, 2014


After Jeff's Graduation from BOLC we quickly changed into clothes that were WAY more comfortable and hit the road for Washington D.C. At the party after graduation we'd talked to a couple who suggested we park our car overnight at Ft. Myers, an Honor Guard fort for Arlington Cemetery. We had to leave quite a bit in the car so that felt like the safest, most secure option. From there we could walk through Arlington to the metro and take that into town. We didn't have a map and really didn't know where we were going so it was a little stressful. My dad was able to email me some directions and I magically discovered I had a Google Map on my Iphone so we felt pretty set. Our journey started out pretty good, the roads in Virginia are TERRIBLE, but we made our way through in one piece. Something you may or may not know about me is that I'm a nervous traveler. That usually means I have to pee ALL of the time if I'm in unfamiliar territory or under pressure. On a driving trip I'm unfamiliar with this usually means within the first hour of the trip I have to pee. It doesn't matter if I deprived myself of liquids, I am nervous and I have to pee. I'm like that little nervous Chihuahua. Once we get going and I'm more comfortable with a map it gets better. But you know.
We get going and the traffic is pretty crappy and wouldn't you know it I have to pee. So we pulled off in the little town of Dumfries which is near Quantico. Across the street was this awesome soft serve ice cream place called Baylor's. We both got cones (delicious) and realized that tons of rush hour traffic was starting to pass through the town. It was this tiny little town and we were stuck there for an hour trying to get back on the highway. Whoops. Eventually we made it through and arrived at Ft. Myers. We met up with a fantastic employee there who gave us directions and advice about getting where we needed to go. We parked the car, unloaded a few outfits and some toiletries (seriously Jeff and I fit everything into ONE duffle bag--for me that's impressive) and we took off walking through Ft. Myers to find the metro about 3 miles from where we were. True to our usual form, we got a little lost, but walking around the area was gorgeous and by sheer luck a cab driver found us. In less than ten minutes and with a lot of honking he took us to our hotel, the Capital Hilton, in downtown D.C. We checked in and quickly headed for a quick walk around the White House before stopping to eat at Fuel Pizza. UM YUM! While eating we talked about the plan for the next day. Both of us had been to D.C. once before so we wanted to see things we hadn't yet seen. After our amazing pizza dinner we went back to the hotel and crashed.


The one on the right was my absolute FAVORITE!

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