Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm back!
Two weeks ago I left my boys with my in-laws and flew across the country to good ole' Virginia, USA!
I reunited with my husband who has been there the last four months in training with the Army and after a wonderful graduation ceremony and celebration we embarked on a two day adventure to Washington D.C. before partaking in another adventure called: Jeff and Sarah Drive Across the Country.
I have lots of pictures and stories lined up for this week. But I'm also trying to take a step back and just enjoy everything, especially having my family reunited again.
So, to start this week off, here are some pictures from the week before I left for Virginia.
New nails! I love the gold nail. 
By sheer luck I scored a sitter on a Friday night and got to attend the Ales for Trails fundraiser.
You guys, I love beer! It was so much fun.
Spring has officially arrived in MT and it feels SO good.
The Saturday before I left we hung out on the porch and ate popsicles. The boys loved it.  
This kid, I tell ya.  
And this guy LOVES popsicles.


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