Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well hey there. Did you think I'd forgotten about you all?
Did you?
Well I haven't. I promise.
I've just been so incredibly busy with this move and trying to get everything in order that the thought of getting online to share that with you just felt so...whiny.
So I let my blog collect spiderwebs and dust bunnies for the past month. Because in my opinion, y'all don't need to hear how tired I am or how frustrated I am or how sick of moving and having to do it with out my husband I am.
See, that just sounds like such a pathetic admission when I put it on out there.
So I tried to spare you.
But I promise I haven't forgotten about you. 
I promise.
I just need to get through this move.
We are pulling out of town Friday and will travel a little bit before heading to Arizona on the 8th.
After that I should have way more time to sit and type and share with you our fabulous and crazy summer and everything that is going on in our lives.

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