Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I am well over a month late with this post.
To say we've been busy feels like an understatement. We have been a whirlwind.

But Gibby's birthday in June came and went very quietly and calmly surrounded by our family.
Even year birthdays are more family parties for our kids. On odd years they get to choose to have a party or a trip. So this year was more low key. It was nice to just have a lunch together and cupcakes and sing.

Gabriel Craig:
Where do I begin? You are the most amazing little boy. When I look back on where we were a year ago, and how neurologists and pediatricians were stumped by your delay and labeled you as being Autism Broad Spectrum, I am just floored at the progress you have made. So many tears were shed then about the unknown, "Would you be able to do this?" and now, so many tears are shed in celebration of how far you have come.
You walk, you talk, you run, you play.
You are a completely normal little boy--granted, you're a little goofy--but you are doing amazing.
You walk with a mission, swinging your hips with sass as though you are trying to say, with your body language, "I am a little boy who is going places."
You can almost run, but prefer to speed walk with your right arm crooked in on your hip and the left one swinging like a wrecking ball to give you momentum.
You love to dance and shake your booty. If other people aren't dancing with you, you holler at them, "Dance!" until their hips start to sway with yours.
You got a little bike for your birthday and it is your favorite thing right now. You will go and go on that thing until your face is flushed and sweaty.
You can say three-word sentences now, like: "Choo-choo fall down" "What was that?"
We are still in therapies, but each of your therapist says you are doing fantastic.
You love airplanes and choo-choos and trucks.
You adore your brother and try to get in the middle of everything he is doing.
You love Curious George and each night before bed demand the routine of being snuggled next to someone on the couch with your milk and a quick 10 minutes show of Curious George, you call it "Ee-ee-ahh-ahh"
You are sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily.
You love snacks.
You can say a variety of words now like: airplane, choo-choo, dance, pancake, bike, hungry, thirsty, snack, shoe, pants, blankie.
You really like the movie Planes and Dusty.
You love your Mimi, Mema and both of your Papa's.
You are the sweetest snuggler I ever knew. Caderyn rarely snuggled, but you are definitely a little boy who sometimes just needs to be held and hugged.
You will usually sing to yourself in the morning.
You are not generally a morning person. You usually get up after Caderyn and need a little more time to wake up.
You think you are the funniest thing on the planet and have all of these inside jokes where you will randomly burst out laughing.
We are trying to get you to say "No thank you," but you continually say, "No way."
You are very bossy.
You love cookies and snacks.
You give the best two-year-old smooches.
You don't really like taking baths.
You love wearing shoes. We recently bought you a pair of Spiderman slip-ons like brothers and if you can't wear them you get very upset.
You like to eat breakfast first thing in the morning or you are grumpy.
You are very ticklish.
You like to have your arms tickled, especially right at the wrist.
You still get a lot of ear infections.
You are very dramatic.
You have a schedule and really like to stick to it. Every once in a while we go off course, but if we continually go off course, you get very upset.
When you don't get your way those two fingers go right in your mouth and you take deep, soul-wrenching sighs and sniffles to let us know you are upset.
You follow your brother around like a shadow.
You like to try and tickle people and usually go up to them and go "Goose! Goose! Goose!" when you tickle them.

Gabriel Craig. You are our amazing little Gibbybear. We are in awe of how far you've come and so thankful for the improvements and development. Not a day goes by where you don't make us laugh or smile. We always find ourselves wondering how we got so lucky to add another special boy into our family.

Now you're two.

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