Thursday, August 28, 2014


Well hello there!
Now that I'm starting to get into the swing of things here on the ole blog again, I am also trying to get back into the routine of posting certain things on certain days like I used to.
So without further ado, here are a few photos from our last two weeks. There aren't a ton. We've been pretty busy just getting into a routine over here in the Arizona heat.
Caderyn's school had an open house the Sunday before school started. We got to go in and meet his teacher and find his desk and look all over his classroom.  

 With all of the rain and monsoons Arizona has gotten lately, we've had lots of time to sit in front of the window and watch the lightning and the rain. The boys think it is awesome.
Celebrating the first week of school being over and done with a trip to In N Out.

Miss Fluffy la Roux was in biiiiiig trouble this weekend. She ended up at the vet after getting into the bathroom garbage and eating something disgusting that could also potentially kill her. Turns out she's fine. My bank account, however, is still trying to recover.
She's going to get her own post here soon.
And swimming. Swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming! That's all Caderyn wants to do. He gets home from school, takes his uniform off, and will usually jump in with just his undies on.   

Caderyn got a compass in the mail from Mema and Papa. He's been exploring the different areas of the house with it. And, see what I mean? Undies.

Again, he comes home from school and even on days he doesn't go swimming this is what he does.

I went to an open house at Caderyn's school this past week. They had lots of special projects for us to see, but Caderyn was most excited about this one.
It says: My name begins with the letter C. I like to swim at Mimi and Papa's. Who am I?
And then I had to guess that based on the fact that my son calls my mom Mimi and that all he wants to do from sun up to sun down is swim that this card and hand was his. So you look inside it and the kids had drawn a picture of themselves. Caderyn gave himself an orange hue that reminded me of a Sesame Street character. And then on the fingers they had to list five things they liked/that made them special. Caderyn listed: 1. Going to the park 2. Play soccer 3. Cookies 4. Peter Piper Pizza
 5. Play Minecraft.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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