Thursday, August 14, 2014


Still trying to catch everyone up here.
We got back from the family wedding that Sunday before the 4th of July and went right into our week. I worked two days and then I chopped off my hair. Yep. I chopped it. It was pretty dramatic for me. A part of me has always felt defined by my hair so it was liberating to chop off over seven inches and oh, man, did it need it. Most of what the gal chopped off was beyond repair, so I kept telling myself this was for the health and wellness of my hair. I'm still not sure about the length, but I am having fun playing around with it.
We finished the week off by packing up and heading to Missoula in prep for the 4th of July. I was beyond excited since this would be the first time in seven years I would get time with my family in Missoula and up at our cabin without the added stress of needing to be on call for work. It felt great.
So we made it to Missoula on Thursday and were all ready to head up to the cabin for our week of mountains and lake and no cell service when we got a call from my uncle that the septic system up at the cabin had collapsed. Eeeew. No, it actually didn't smell, but that just meant if we wanted to go up to the cabin we would really have to be roughing it. No water down the drain, no toilets, just 20 people, the lake and an outhouse. Ooooh yeah.
So we thought on that for a bit and I decided we would stay in Missoula for the 4th of July and then go up to the cabin the day after. Caderyn and my dad went up to the cabin on the 4th, so it was just Mr. Gibbles and I staying with my aunt and uncle and cousins.
We had a pretty dang good time.
Morning cuddles 
Mah herrrrr 
It was a bit more fluffy that I like... 
But then I played around with it a bit and found out I liked it a little more than I thought I would.  
Oh man, I miss these. The best sugar cookies in all the land from The Vanilla Bean. 
Caderyn and I had a lunch date. 
This kid... 
 Oh this kid! He and I had a lunch date in Missoula.
Early morning snuggles. 
Donuts from Treasure State Donut in Missoula to celebrate the 4th of July. YUM. 
We spent part of the morning with my grandparents and getting caught up with them.
We did some poppers and sparklers up at my aunt and uncle's house and then drove up to the top of a mountain to watch the city fireworks.  
 And then the next morning we went with our cousins and visited the Farmer's Market in downtown Missoula before scooting on up to the cabin.

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