Monday, August 18, 2014


Once we got back from the lake and showered many, many times we kind of hit the ground running.  
Caderyn got his shots updated for Kindergarten :(
He was so tough, but it was sad.
After they were done he got a new book from his pediatrician and I took him out to lunch at the Vanilla Bean.

 These two goofs had suckers and kept me company while I set up for a class I was teaching.
Last year, my Dad and I signed up to teach "History of Scotland" at the Gifted Institute. We enjoyed teaching so much that we signed up to do it again this summer. For one week we taught in the evenings about Scottish History, the bagpipes, the clans, the plaids and the Highland Games. We capped off the week with a Highland Game competition outside.

I like this next one. Look at how many of them are covering their ears... 
Once the class was taught I literally immersed myself into packing and getting ready for a garage sale. I hate both of those things with a passion, so it was a bit of a struggle for me. I had to remind myself to breathe and smile. 
I took a mid-week break and snuck off to Great Falls for a night so the boys could see Jeff's parents and I could have a girls' night out with friends and check out some of the new Silpada Jewelry.
Love these ladies. I've been friends with them since...well...since forever.
The next morning I met Theresa and Bryanna (the two lovely ladies on the ends in the above picture) for breakfast at The Crooked Tree. Aaaaah one of my faves!
Look at that macaroon! Look at that mocha! Aaaah!
An hour and a half later (there was lots of chatting) we scooted off into the downtown for some tomfoolery. Yes, I just used that word.
I can't even...right after this picture was taken I busted out laughing for about ten minutes and ended up crying because I couldn't stop laughing.
The hats...they were just so...big. 
(That's what she said)
Many shenanigans later, I busted back to Helena with Bryanna in tow. She is going to be using our other car, the blue Subaru for the year we're gone so she decided to come along to get it and make a little ladies trip out of it. 
We went out to dinner at Benny's Bistro (also my fave) and then out for drinks before goofing off and laughing until the wee hours of the morning. 
The fun continued the next morning when we snuck out for breakfast and then hopped on the educational, yet fabulous and ever-so slightly bumpy, Helena tour train ride for an informational trip through the city.  

Look at that car. That's my car. We were admiring the parallel park job I'd done.

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