Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ok you guys. This here is a big deal. I've finally gotten my act together.
We made it to Arizona and have gotten mostly unpacked and set up. Caderyn is all set up and ready to go for Kindergarten, he starts next Wednesday. Gabriel is signed up for a great daycare (part time) and I got offered a part time job working at my mom's school. So...yeah! Things are going pretty good.
It is just really, really, really hot.
So now that I'm all set up (mostly) here, I thought it was about time to dust off the cobwebs from the ole bliggety  blog.
We have a lot of catching up to do on here. I'm going to do my best here to get you through our summer with this bombardment of pictures.
The return of the meth deer to our neighborhood. They multiply in doubles every year. Every...year.
My husband's brother got married on June 28th and we traveled to Great Falls to share in their special day and celebrate with Jeff's family (many of them traveled from the south). It was a good time and the food was delicious. I always judge my weddings on the food and cake selections.
Ladies getting pedicures before the big day. The bride is on the far left, Jeff's cousin, Sierra, is in the middle and that saucy looking gal in orange is Jeff's sister, Jenny.  
This boy...let me tell you something about this boy. This boy is sweet and thoughtful and loves to build Legos. But this boy, oh this sweet boy, he is a nightmare to share a bed with. I shared a bed with him one night and one night only. From now on, when we've shared a bed I put up a barricade of pillows between us. Let's just say it is a similar set up to The Great Wall of China.  
While running errands before the rehearsal dinner my friend Bryanna and I discovered the most AMAZING cardboard display on the entire planet. Yep, the entire planet.
She is going to kill me for this one. 
But then our friendship went on to a whole new level of commitment :)
Caderyn took his job as a ring bearer very seriously. My niece Ziva was the flower girl and after practicing and practicing before the rehearsal she picked up a handful of flowers and hollered "Gooooo!" and then threw the flowers down on the ground and ran as fast as she could down the aisle. That girl is hilarious.
After the rehearsal we went to The Amigo for the rehearsal dinner. Caderyn asked if he could take pictures of the party on my phone and I think that little five-year-old captured the overall atmosphere of the party in these next few pictures. Lots of good food, good drinks, and good people.  
My father-in-law in his motorcycle goggles. He forgot his glasses and had to wear these. but I think they gave him a very educated look.  
Caderyn selfie! 
The day of the wedding was windy (in Great Falls? Never!), but it was a beautiful wedding and celebration. My parents took the kids for the night so I took all of Jeff's cousins out to the Sip N Dip so they could see the mermaid bar. Mermaid bar? Yep, mermaid bar. Best bar in town.  
 I did my makeup and then took a picture since I hardly ever do my makeup anymore.
Oh my lawd. Look at that adorable little child. He is mine! 
All mine!
Stay tuned. More to come tomorrow.

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