Saturday, August 23, 2014


Okay, here we go. There is probably only one more of these guys and then we are caught up from the summer and I can move on to actually write about deep and important things, like the gym I joined and how I find gym characters so interesting or why I really only like blueberry yogurt. Fascinating stuff, right?
So moving day arrived. We left Missoula on Friday morning, August 8th in the early morning and drove to Helena where we loaded up the U-Haul with all the stuff we were taking to Arizona. Maybe an hour later we were on the road. The kids were GREAT the entire trip. I'm still in a little bit of shock over how good they were. We hardly had any issues and we made sure to only drive as long as 8 hours--that was our longest day. The first day we drive to Idaho Falls and stayed the night, then we stayed in Cedar City and made it to Arizona on the third day.
Hotel room selfies.  
Beer and pizza after a long day of driving.  
This face, this stinking face was so adorably cute. He sat in the back seat of our car like a champ and watched movies the entire trip.
We got to Arizona around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday and immediately began unpacking everything...and it was 105 degrees, so that was great!
Lucy was refusing to walk outside and would whine a lot, obviously she is a bit of a drama queen. So I bought her some booties to see if that would help her with the heat...they didn't. We took them back. Basically all she would do is lay on the ground until we took them off, really, a pretty standard move for her.
With warmer weather than we were usually used to, I tried to find places I could take the boys where they could play and we would still be comfortable. We ended up at the mall by my house a lot. 
This is Caderyn checking out some ladies.

I got my new/old room set up and decided I have an earring fetish.
Well, I mean, who doesn't?
We also swam...a lot. We swam in the morning, we swam and night. We swam in our undies. We swam in our birthday suits (the little boys of course). And we're still swimming.
We've had some great rain storms, electric storms, and monsoons.
We discovered the library by our house. I will say this, only in awkward public kid settings do I really truly realize just how good my kids are. Parents who go places and just let their kids be turds need to rethink their strategy. The library was quite an eye opener. I had a girl, an older girl, try to pick a fight with Gabriel because she wanted a train he was holding. It was like a 20-minute ordeal and then I discovered her mom was sitting right next to me reading all the while I'd been redirecting her child. I might have glared. Or there was the little boy who stole all 20 of the trains from the train table, hid them, and then was biting kids who tried to get to them. Yeah. So once we found ourselves a nice corner of the library that was a little more calm, I sat back and realized just how good my kids actually are.
They play together nicely (most of the time). They share. They are thoughtful (again, all of these are most of the time). This instance made me sit back a little and think "Maybe I'm doing something right."
Let's hope.
After our interesting trip to the library, we met Papa for lunch at Five Guys and Caderyn tried their spicy Cajun fries. Here's what happened.
Later that evening we went to the magical Target so Caderyn could pick out his school supplies. Oofta. That was an ordeal and a big hit on the pocketbook.
The next day I had to go to a meeting for the new job I was starting. I got hired on at the school my mom teaches at and where Caderyn is going as a Kindergarten Aide.
I wasn't too sure about it, I mean, I've been in a demanding higher education customer service position for the last seven years so I was a little wary about working with five-year-olds.
But so far, I LOVE IT.
Yesterday one of the little boys asked me if I'd been electrocuted because my hair was so curly.
And then there was more swimming.

More mall time
And Lucy was lazy
So now...I think we are only a week behind!
Everyone's caught up with our summer!
Deployment, fun nights, family time, packing, cabin, more packing, Seattle trip, moving, hating moving, Missoula, Great Falls, Montana to Arizona, swimming and etc.

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