Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Folks, we're coming to the end of these, I promise.
But first, this:

Today is Caderyn's first day of Kindergarten. *Tears*
He had a great first day (just a half day today). He was excited to try out his new backpack. When we picked him up and asked him if he had a good day he said, "Well why wouldn't it be a great day?"
So I got back from Seattle on Monday night, Tuesday I finished packing up the rest of the odds and ends and then on Wednesday the football players that were helping us came and moved everything out of the house. There was some minor cleaning and then we hired a carpet cleaner and a cleaning gal to come in on Friday. Best decisions I've ever made. And then the house was empty and it was sad. I felt so many different emotions and memories rush over me all at once. That little home is where our family began.
That same week we were moving, Caderyn had his first ever basketball camp.
That blur is my son.
We also tried to fit as much friend time into our short week as possible. We did get some special dinner dates with friends two nights that week.  
And then Friday arrived and we pulled out of Helena and headed to Missoula for the week. I have never slept as good as I did that Friday night in Missoula. Everything was done. The house was clean an ready and everything was stored. Such a huge relief.
Missoula, let me tell you, Missoula is my town.
I love that place. We started off our week in Missoula by waking up Saturday and going to the Missoula Farmer's Market. The rest of our Saturday was spent at the Bonner Park Splash Pad.  
Mr. I Don't Want to Get Wet.  


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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Oh. Girl. I feel your pain of the emptiness of 819. I helped clear that out once before and that was where some of my fondest childhood memories are. Good luck to you through the next stages in your life.