Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I'm still working on getting everyone caught up on our summer. We're nearly there.
We have reached the end of July. I packed and had football players (they saved my day) come over to help move nearly all our furniture to storage. All that was left to do was finish packing some odds and ends and then put the remaining furniture into storage.
So, I decided to take a trip to Seattle.
I mean, I'd been planning it for some time with my friends, but it was kind of like a "Go before you go crazy trip."
It was fun.
But before we begin, here is a nice "Woe is me" shot of Lucy.
So this here is a story about three friends (the bestest friends that there ever was) who set off early one Saturday morning to see another friend in Seattle. On the way out of Helena, we hit a crow, but it lived so we figured it would be a pretty good trip.
There was some sleeping in the backseat, lots of snacking, and good conversation on the way there.
These three friends (Sarah, Kyla, and Emily) arrived to Kristyn's apartment in Kirkland in the early afternoon and after unpacking and a quick rest, we set off exploring before dinner.

Oh look! These friends found a delicious macaroon shop, dedicated only to the exquisiteness of the macaroon...and wine.  It was called Lady Yum and it was amazing.
Then these three friends, now four, had a delicious homecooked meal at Kristyn's place before setting out for an adventure walk on the pier of Lake Washington.
Friends since college! We were all RAs together.
After their walk, these four friends went home to sing "Happy Birthday" to Kristyn's dog, Holly. Yes. We sang to her and she had a special birthday cookie.
And then we went to bed.
The next morning these four friends were up early and prepped to head into Seattle for Pike's Public Market.
Oh look, that redheaded friend is making the photo with Kyla awkward by putting too much brain power into hitting the camera button.

Oh hello there tiny donuts. Yes I will eat you and enjoy you while walking (see blurry photo above) around the market.
From my donut delight, the four friends went down to the gum wall. It was gross.
So...many...germs...make for such a great photo opportunity.
This redhead did conquer her germ phobia a bit and put a piece of her own gum on that wall.
Some others from the market.
Friend Weekend!
Holy smokes my butt looks huge in this photo.

After the market the very best friends that there ever was dropped off purchases at Kristyn's andpiled into her car for a tour in the Washington wine country.
Oh hello there you saucy little crème brulee.
Decisions, decisions.
Oh and I discovered I am either allergic or just really sensitive to red wine. No more of that for me, thank you.
Three wineries and one amazing restaurant later, these friends were feeling wonderful!
We went out to dinner and then crashed early. The next day involved some light shopping downtown and then Emily had to get back to Montana for work, so we hopped back into her car and drove back to Helena.
Short, sweet, but so much fun.

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