Thursday, August 21, 2014


I know I showed a few of these yesterday, but shortly after I posted, I realized I'd left some out...whoops! So I just thought I would post them again because that day was fun and I like looking at the photos.
So here we are moving right along through our summer again. I promise, we're nearly caught up.
After the house was all packed up and cleaned and passed off to the new renters, we went to Missoula for the week to unwind. We had a great time, I love that town. Here are some snapshots from that week.
We rode the Carousel multiple times on a hot day and then felt a little sick so we took some silly pictures and played on the playground.
I got up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and hiked the M. It was great "me" time.
We went to the train at the mall.
Lucy had a vacation too. Moving was very stressful on her.
Caderyn got ahold of my phone in Costco.
There was excitement in the air and maybe a little panic when a wildfire started just a few miles from my aunt and uncle's house. We drove up the road a bit to watch the helicopters pick up water from a pond right behind us and then drop it on the fire.
Aaaaaand I went to my first rodeo and I LOVED it.

It was a great night for a rodeo.
I had a great time with my dad.
After the rodeo was over we wandered around the fair and had eating competitions before wandering around the fair some more. Oh man. My stomach still hates me just thinking about it.
Ohmigod. I loved this pig. But then it pooped like right in front of me...I didn't like it as much after that.

Thanks to this guy for going with me!!!

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