Wednesday, August 27, 2014


One morning last week I woke up and Caderyn was in Kindergarten.
How did that happen so quickly?
It feels like just yesterday he was flipping around in my belly with those big feet of his making it hard for me to breathe. Other days with Caderyn feel like the day of the eternal sixteen-year-old with lots of attitude and lessons to be learned.
But this particular day, Caderyn was just a Kindergartener.
My Kindergartener.
It made me happy. It made me sad.
He had a new backpack full of new supplies. He had on a smart looking uniform and he was a little bundle of excitement while we ate breakfast and talked about school. His nerves started to creep in once we got to school, but he came home with the biggest smile on his face and lots to share about his day.
He is (so far) excited each and every day to get up and go to school. He likes learning and coloring and recess and lunch. He likes going to the same school where his Mimi works and that he gets to see her each day. He likes that I work there and he gets to see me too.
There is the part of me that isn't ready for Caderyn to grow up so soon, to let him go and continue to grow. There's always that part of me that wants him to stay little and snuggling on my lap while we read a book. But, that won't happen. Caderyn is too smart for that and he needs to learn. He needs to laugh and play with kids his own age, he needs to learn how to be a good friend, and he needs to make mistakes and figure out how to fix them on his own.
These kids of ours, they grow up before we're truly ready. But we have to be ready to let them go, to grow and to learn.
Here is a quick little interview I did with my Kindergartener, to give you a little insight into his mind.

Me: Caderyn, how old are you?
Caderyn: Five. I like your toenails because they match. Someday can I get mine painted? I just tooted. Excuse me.
Me: Thank you for excusing yourself. No toenail polish for you. Guys don't usually get their nails painted.
Caderyn: Oh yeah! Okay.
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Caderyn: A worker and a plumber.
Me: Why? What do you like about them?
Caderyn: Because they can undo the toilet so its not clogged anymore.
Me: Caderyn, what is your favorite food?
Caderyn: Cookies
Me: What is your favorite dinner?
Caderyn: Quesedillas.
Me: What is your favorite color?
Caderyn: Red
Me: What is your favorite book?
Caderyn: Anything with Spiderman.
Me: What is your favorite movie?
Caderyn: Anything with Batman.
Me: What do you want to learn in school this year?
Caderyn: How to be a plumber.
Me: I don't think they will teach you that in this school.
Caderyn: Oh. I want to learn how to tie my shoes.

And there you have it ladies and gents. My child.

And then of course there's Lucy.

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