Monday, September 8, 2014


You know on Saturday it was 106 degree with like 50% humidity and to be honest, I was miserable. I kept having flashbacks/hallucinations (it was hot so possibly?) of the sweet, crisp Montana air and the cool Fall temperatures that will be coming that way soon.
And then I saw that Montana is expecting snow on Wednesday...and I was suddenly okay with the heat and the muggy weather. We had a terrific thunderstorm last night and it is still raining. Not sure how the flooding situation will be, but we will all make it to work and school somehow. All of this rain isn't normal for Phoenix, but it has given us some awesome thunderstorms to watch in the evening.

Sitting outside Thursday night watching the lightning storm.

My mom: Every time I see Caderyn at school he is being so good and setting a good example for his class.
Caderyn: Yeah, I'm acting just like that guy in heaven.
Me: Who? What guy?
Caderyn: You know...the boss.
Oh man. I had to walk inside the house I was cracking up.
This kid...he's got such a dry and sarcastic sense of humor/ way of saying things.
Gee...I wonder who he gets that from?

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