Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Caderyn, Caderyn, Caderyn.
Where do I begin?
He is flourishing right now.
His five-years-old, but I mean really, he's practically six. His half birthday was a couple weeks ago.
Caderyn treats every day as an adventure, and he is happy to get up (nearly) every morning.
He loves knowing what he's doing and having a plan each day.
He likes to have something special to do each day.
He loves living with Mimi and Papa.
He misses everyone in Montana, but is also thriving here. He will always be a Montana boy. Yesterday he asked, "What do you think the weather is doing in Helena? I bet it feels cold."
He is tall, so tall.
He eats non stop. From the second he gets up in the morning he is hungry. After eating dinner, he's hungry. He has a banana, a granola bar, toast, strawberries, a yogurt, and a bowl of cereal all before going to bed.
He loves all things Scooby Doo, superhero, dinosaur related, Minecraft (I'm rolling my eyes on this one), Lego, and anything that has to do with fixing.
He loves watching football with his Papa on Sundays.
He loves wrestling.
He has the best imagination. The last two nights he has been a hungry dinosaur trying to capture Mimi-saurus's (my mom) baby dinosaur (Gibby). It has been hilarious to watch.
He learned to tie his shoes.
His handwriting is fantastic. He can write the entire alphabet, capital and lowercase, all numbers up to 30 and his first and last name.
He is learning about letter sounds and can read words he wasn't able to read a month ago just using his sounds.
He loves school. He's doing so well.
He (surprisingly) really likes that I work at his school. He tells me every day that we go to school together how much he likes it. He also really likes seeing his Mimi at school every day.
He has the best laugh.
He has the driest sense of humor and way of saying things sometimes.
He likes baking.
He is a little gentleman and always tries to hold the door for ladies, saying "Ladies first."
He is complimentary, he tells you if he thinks you look nice.
He loves popcorn. We have to tell him to slow down he eats it so fast.
He loves swimming...in his undies.
He wants to be a house builder when he grows up.
He is a very good big brother.
He works very hard to earn stickers every day on his reward chart.
He talks with his hands and it is hilarious.
He loves helping Papa fix stuff and work outside.
He misses his Daddy.
He loves dancing.
He gets frustrated easily and can be quick to temper (we are working on that).
He has a loose tooth and it is freaking him (and me) out.
He calls pigeons "chickens."
He is a rule follower and always wants to know if we are going to speed limit. I never am.
He is friendly and outgoing.
He is silly and likes making people laugh.
He is a little teacher and tries to help others understand.
He won't flush the toilet, no matter how many times we remind him.
He likes to sleep in his undies now and every night without fail will say, "Look Mommy, I'm sleeping in my undies. Like a guy."
He loves Halloween. Like absolutely loves it. He wants it to be Halloween NOW.
He asks questions about everything. Good questions, very thoughtful questions.

And now you know a little about Caderyn.

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Samantha said...

Love your posts on your family, a Sarah!