Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Gabriel is a full on two-year-old now.
Here are some things about Gibby:
He has tantrums.
He is dramatic.
He still sucks his fingers.
We cut his hair in July, and even without the full on ringlet curls it is still thick and curly. He kind of looks like a really fluffy version of the Hoff from Night Rider.
He has the cutest little dimples next to his mouth.
His verbal is progressing. He just started saying "I love you," with A LOT of coaxing and it is very garbled. He still won't say his name to associate with himself, but his verbal is going great. We are having a two-year evaluation with our new pediatrician this week and I'm going to have her give me the names of some speech and OT therapists.
He runs.
He loves playing monster where he wants you to chase him making monster noises while he runs away from you in a dramatic fashion, usually with big gulps for breath like he's been running hard.
He loves all things planes, cars, and trains.
He hates getting his diaper changed.
He has the best facial expressions.
He LOVES his Mimi.
Yesterday while scooting his Mater Mower around the house he said, clear as day, "Watch your toes."
He isn't very interested in playing with little kids other than his brother.
He isn't very interested in crafts or coloring.
He doesn't have the desire to swim. He would rather push his Mater Mower around and around the pool or play with the hose.
He has a love/hate relationship with going to bed.
He is the snuggliest of all snugglers I know.
He is not necessarily a morning person. He likes to take his time waking up.
He is a very picky eater.
He loves Scooby Doo.
He loves dancing.

He is very bossy.
He hollers at Lucy. Poor Lucy.
He loves Curious George.
He still has some sensory things going on. Hopefully we will get those addressed this next month.
He loves baths but hates getting his hair washed.
He doesn't like to be told no.
He loves having someone play with him.
He loves having his back tickled. If you stop, he will grab your hand and put it on his back.
He randomly licks stuff. Caderyn never did that, its gross.
He has the cutest little elf voice that makes it so hard to keep a straight face.
He is very good at entertaining himself.
He can say words like, "Pancake," "Blankie," and "Fan," very clearly, but then we have trouble understanding other words. "Blankie" is more like "Ahnk-ee." We have some work to do.
He likes to sing to Caderyn when they are in bed. I'm pretty sure Caderyn is sound asleep right now, but Gibby is singing to him.

Gibby is still progressing and doing great. He's just a darn cute little kid. I'm glad we are going in to meet our new pediatrician this week so we can hopefully get some recommendations for therapists. I would still like Gabriel in speech and OT to help assist with his progression.
He's just so dang cute!
And the differences in my children!
Caderyn has always been thoughtful and interested in learning. Mister Gabriel is smart, but shows no interest in projects or reading or coloring. He wants to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. I mean, he is two, right?!

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