Friday, September 12, 2014


Another week here has come and gone.
Last weekend was HOT HOT HOT and muggy. Did I say it was hot and muggy? Because it was.
So we decided to do the most obvious thing and go outside.
We took the boys to the Deer Valley Airport so they could watch the airplanes take off and land.
Gibby flipped. He stood there and watched and watched and then if you left him there just standing he would make sure you came back over to stand in the hot sun and watch with him. He would point at them and shriek or holler out the name of a plane from the movie "Planes." There was a red plane just off to the right that he kept pointing at and calling "Coo-coo-Kahpah" because this real plane was red and he loves the plane "Chuppacabra" from "Planes."
And then we were so super hot and so super sweaty that we decided to stop by a splash park.
Best idea ever!
Except we forgot swimsuits.
Oh well! 
Papa was the good sport who got soaked and ran around with the boys.  

Splash sequence!

The kids had a blast and even though the water was bath temperature, it was refreshing for them.
Later that evening, Caderyn and I accepted an invite to a Family Star Night at the Challenger Space Center. Caderyn had a really good time except a haboob rolled in (I just wanted to say haboob on my blog) followed by a massive monsoon. We got to do some activities and watched them make ice cream and do experiments with liquid nitrogen, but we missed looking out the telescopes because they put them inside so they wouldn't get damaged. We got home later that night drenched from head to toe just from walking to the car, but happy and full of knowledge. Did you know in liquid nitrogen gummy bears essentially melt and become their own individual little frozen candies? I didn't!
The more you know.
Caderyn was pretty proud of his shirt choice. He picked it out because "astronauts live in the stars."
Sunday was a fairly lazy day. I slept in until almost 9:00 a.m. Good grief! That hasn't happened in...probably three years. I felt so lazy! I went to the gym, we did work around the house, Caderyn had homework, there was swimming and Rice Krispie treat making.  

News Flash! Gibby loves Rice Krispies. He smashed them into his face and nose.
Monday arrived with a massive storm that caused so much flooding in Phoenix they closed the school. So we had another day off! 
And yes I went from snow to rain...except they don't cancel school when it snows in Montana. Or when its 40 below outside.
My parent's back yard was pretty waterlogged. I know other people who had their cars completely submerged or their houses severely damaged from flooding, so we feel very lucky.   
Just walking around the back yard up to my ankles in water.  

And then because we were bored we stopped by the wash near my parents house to take pictures of the "water flowing over the damn."
And then we got the boys a donut.  

And then I got home and looked at what the humidity had done to my hair.
And that was pretty much our week.
Oh and I got to spend the day with this guy. 
He was pretty crabby most of the day, but I still like him.

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