Friday, September 19, 2014


Oh helloooo! We've had another busy, but fun week. I've worked some and played some. The kids have had a pretty good week, and they are pretty pooped at the end of the day.
Last week some friends from Montana came to Arizona for some lady friend time. One of us girls is getting married this December in Hawaii, and since most of us are unable to make that celebration we all tried to get together for a little bachelorette weekend. On Friday we got all gussied up and went out to dinner in Scottsdale. We ate at Sumo Maya...I would NOT recommend it. I wasn't impressed at all. Saturday I got caught up with my friend, Sarah, who introduced me to Dutch Brother's coffee (Yum!) and then we all met up at Scottsdale for some shopping and a DE-licious lunch at Olive and Ivy. Here are some pictures.
The most makeup I have worn in...probably a year, and 9/10's of it is on my eyes.
You know, somewhere out there is a picture from a freshman dance Sarah and I went to at her high school. We tried to re-enact our picture with that beauty on the left. The one on the right just makes me think, "Dang! I've got some nice looking friends! We all clean up real nice!"

 Crazy eye glare.
Crazy eye glare #2
Crazy eye glare #3
Bright-eyed and busy tailed the next morning waiting in line for coffee.
Such an awkward angle, but such good coffee.  

Caderyn made a little something for his Dad.
My mom wanted to watch America's Got Talent on Tuesday night. Gibby loved it and made her dance with him during all of the songs.  
Gibby got ahold of my phone and took over 50 pictures.
Please note: cute feet, Lightning McQueen, diaper crotch, and Lucy.  
Mornings are sometimes very hard for these boys.  

And sometimes little dogs get caught being naughty. She's not allowed on the couch and she knows it. She tries to become one with the couch and hopes you won't notice her.

Have a great weekend!
If you need me I'll be trying my hand at baking donuts with my mom...and then eating them...and then making myself run for eating them.

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The McGregor Clan said...

That black and white dress looks amazing on you!!