Wednesday, September 17, 2014



We are now nearly three months into this new life chapter.
We are living a life with Jeff and yet without Jeff.
I am a perpetual optimist and always try to find the positive, but my husband, as some of you know, tends to just say it:
It is tough.
I miss him.
The boys miss him.
I know he misses us.
There is a void in our lives every day.
Of course, we are absolutely in the BEST care here in Arizona and it has been so much fun to see my parents and the boys interact and grow in their relationship. Both Caderyn and Gabriel (and my mom and dad) are just thriving.

But we miss Jeff.
Of course.
I would be worried if we didn't.

Jeff and I are able to talk nearly every day, trying to be mindful of the time difference between here and Korea. I've had maybe one slip up where I called him at midnight his time (on accident) during the work week. We Skype 1-2 times a week, usually on the weekend, since Jeff's schedule is usually pretty packed.
But, as anyone will tell you, its tough. Trying to get absolutely anything done when he needs to sign something takes a good 1-2 weeks. We usually get one weekend night where we try and hash out our finances or where I get the time to just talk to him and tell him what's on my mind.
Sometimes I imagine he just wishes I would shut up because I verbally assault him with every little detail of my week and the thoughts running through my head. Our phone conversations during the week barely surpass the 10 minute mark because he's usually so busy.

And that's another thing, he is busy. He is so busy and most times he is stressed.
Sometimes I wish I was there to comfort him and just be with him and other times I am thankful of the path we chose. It is hard on him, yes, and there are some days when we have to talk a lot about our relationship and reaffirm our vows, our commitment, and our plans for the future. But it would be more difficult, I think, if we had been there with him during this time. Most days Jeff is working 14 plus hour days, so we would rarely see him. I would go absolutely bananas alone in a foreign country with those two little squirts, I think.
And that was a decision we (and the military) had to make.

So, to update people, Jeff is doing well. He is homesick and would probably love it if people wrote to him. He has had some chances to explore South Korea and I got his permission to use some of the pictures he sent me. I am planning my first ever trip out of the country to see him sometime in November. I am anxious but excited.
Here are some adventure pictures from Jeff. If you are interested in sending him something in the mail (he loves letters), let me know and I will get you his address!


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