Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Last Wednesday we had our first scare with the pool.
Just after dinner, we took the boys outside to play. The heat was cooling off and the mosquitos (AZ has TERRIBLE mosquitos right now!) weren't out yet, so we opened up the pool gate and sat with our toes in the water while Caderyn did spectacular leaps into the pool. Gabriel had his lawn mower and was going around and around the perimeter of the pool. He doesn't show a ton of interest in the water, he is more focused on getting out there with his Mater Mower and going around and around the pool as many times as he can. There were a few times he got to close to the edge and we called out to him to move back, which he did with great listening skills. One time I even got up and walked with him around the pool and showed him where he was getting too close. But we were out there, watching him like a hawk. When all of the sudden something changed. I'd taken a few pictures with my phone and walked it over to the patio furniture under the deck. My mom got distracted by Lucy and had turned for one second to throw the ball for her in the yard.
In those mere seconds Gabriel went into the water. We aren't sure what happened, all I know is that I turned around from setting down my phone and he was face down in the water.
We didn't hear anything. No noise. No splash. Nothing.
I screamed to my mom who was closer to him than I was and in a split second we both ran and jumped into the water at the same time.
He was okay. He choked and gagged a little and was upset, but overall he was okay.
In a matter of seconds things had changed, and my mom and I just stood in the pool with our clothes on and looked at each other with stunned expressions.

I didn't need for that to happen to make me realize how dangerous the water and little kids can be, I already knew that information and was paranoid about it.
I was just amazed at how quickly everything happened.
In one second our lives could have changed forever.
It scared me. It scared my mom.

It was just a reminder of how quickly everything can be shattered and how dangerous pools and little kids can be if you aren't watching them.
We all went swimming over the weekend, Gabriel didn't seem fazed by his recent water scare and got right back into his favorite routine. Round and round he went with that lawn mower, the only difference was that I swam around the perimeter of the pool with him never taking my eyes off him for a second. I never want to feel the way I felt when I saw him face down in the water again.
I'm currently looking into some swimming programs for Gibby and I to take together.
We bought him a new life jacket and have now enacted the rule that he has to wear it at all times if he wants to play around the pool.
Yikes. And there's your daily heart attack. Just writing that story made my stomach ache and feel heavy all over again.

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