Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Please excuse the forehead wrinkles. 

I really only like blueberry yogurt.

I can't stand that "Chandelier" song by Sia, or that "Rude" song by Magic!, but I actually really like that new Taylor Swift song. It's just so dang peppy.

I like to car dance. I have no issues with it and I'm pretty good at it.

I feel like this is probably the best place to admit that I've become addicted to Doctor Who. Like full on, "I want to talk about it all the time" addicted. I love it. It's so quirky and interesting. I'm currently re-watching it from Season One with my Dad just so I have someone to talk about it with. Season one is hard to get through, yo, but you just have to power on with the assurance that it gets better. Much better.

One of the things I don't really like about Arizona right now is how much more I have to shave my legs. Every other day, UGH! It takes up so much time when I could just be sleeping.

Two weeks ago I bit the bullet and signed up for a personal trainer. I rotate between three trainers who work on specialty areas--whatever that means. The guy I had last week was an endurance trainer and he kicked my butt and I was sore, but that really wasn't my problem. I like being sore. My main problem was that after every set he wanted a fist bump from me. I'm an awkward fist bumper. I don't time them well and I usually try to do something funny with them like the "Explosion" or the "Jellyfish," but there is no way in heck I want to touch someone after I just pushed my glutes to the point where they wish they were sitting in the meat freezer at Costco. Nope. No thank you, don't want to be touched.

I don't like birds. Like the idea of having a pet bird gives me the willies.

I have no issue making fun of myself.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get Gibby all to myself. We play, clean the house, or run some errands. On Tuesdays I also take a nap when Gibby naps (as long as the house is cleaned and dinner is prepped). I'm turning into an old person. Also, I really like Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After a long summer off, I started writing again and it felt SO good. On Wednesday I wrote and edited for about five hours. Same plan for next week!

My diet is super strict during the week, but I usually give myself Fridays and Saturdays off from being strict and if I want a cookie, I have a cookie. Sometimes, if people invite me out/over during the week I will cancel out of panic that I will have trouble controlling myself. I've got it down pretty good but there's always a margin for error.

I don't drink, except on Fridays. I rarely drink on Fridays. I do like to have the occasional glass of wine or craft beer, but I would also rather sleep well and not feel like a slug the next day.

I have friends from Montana coming to Arizona this weekend for a bachelorette thingy (yay friends!). I've been mentally and physically been trying to prepare myself to go out and stay up later than 10:30 p.m. on a Friday. I can do it! I know I can!

I've considered becoming a Zumba instructor. I'm still considering it. I'm no dancer by any means, but I love me some Zumba and have always thought it would be a fun side job.

I can rat my hair out and make it stand straight up off my head like an afro.

I've been wearing glasses since the third grade and contacts since the sixth grade. I would love to not have to wear anything at all but I'm terrified of needles and the fact that I would have to be awake for the eye surgery.

I grind my teeth and absolutely have to wear a mouth guard at night (my dentist made me one!) or I wake up with a migraine.

I get migraines mostly from stress and grinding my teeth. If I don't catch them early enough and either put ice on my sinus area after taking an Aleve or take a nap, I will throw up. It's really a beautiful thing.

I didn't get migraines until I was in college.

When I vacation, I generally don't vacation to relax. I want to do as much as possible and try all new food places.

I didn't eat meat 5th grade through high school and most of college. I do now. But not seafood. I have a huge aversion to seafood.

I like sweaters.

I don't like to wear a ton of make up. I wear sunscreen/moisturizer. A powder base with SPF. Some eye puffy reducer thingy that I recently bought. Mascara. And that's it. If I'm feeling frisky I'll usually put on a little blush. But only if I'm feeling frisky.

I like building Legos.

I like coloring in coloring books.

I can sing nearly every single Disney song on cue.

If I could have pursued anything passionately, it would have been ballet. It fascinates me with its beauty, the lines, and the overall body control.

I bite my nails if I don't have them manicured.

I used to daydream what it would be like to wear workout/comfy clothes all day and now I get 2-3 days of the week where I get to do that. I like it. Probably a little too much.

As long as I had Internet service, I could live in the mountains in a cabin until the end of my days.

As of yesterday, we have been in Arizona for one month and Jeff has been in Korea for nearly three months.

I am starting to plan my trip to Korea and I'm excited to see my husband!

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