Thursday, October 16, 2014


Houston, we have lost a tooth. I repeat, Houston, we have lost a tooth.
That sounded way cooler in my head...
So yes, Caderyn lost his first tooth last night. Oh man, was that thing ready. We tried giving it little pulls on Monday and Tuesday, but it wasn't quite ready to come out.
Well, last night it was ready.
On Wednesday, my parents have "date night" where they go out to eat and get caught up with each other. They usually go to 5&Diner just down the street. I'm not sure why but they love that place.
Last night they invited the boys and I to join in on their date night and after shoe shopping with Caderyn for over an hour (GOOD LORD), I was only too eager to accept that invitation.
So there we were, enjoying some of the fine delicacies 5&Diner has to offer when all of the sudden Caderyn let out a little whoop and spit out his tooth. His eyes were huge, he just couldn't believe it and he was still holding on tight to his cheeseburger in the opposite hand.
We all started hollering in excitement and laughing because Caderyn looked so adorable with his little gap.
Thankfully the Diner had a plastic baggie and we were able to transport the tooth safely home.
For Caderyn's first birthday, he got a special tooth pillow from a wonderful family friend. He's been eyeing that thing for three years, anxious for his chance to use it. Last night his dreams came true as he tucked his tooth into the little pocket and set the pillow next to his bed.

The Tooth Fairy was very excited to come and visit Caderyn for the first time. She brought him $3, Smarties (the candy of champions!), and two new Halloween decorations.

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