Tuesday, October 14, 2014


You guuuuuuys, I am behind here on my posts so this week will be me playing catch up and there will probably be lots of pictures.
Two weekends ago, my in-laws came to visit from Montana. They brought along my two-year-old niece. They got into town late Wednesday night, and on Thursday went with me to Caderyn's school to surprise him. It was hilarious to see Caderyn's face when they were there with me, he was very confused and then completely overjoyed. We spent another 45 minutes at the school so he could show them absolutely everything about his classroom and the playground.
Friday was a work day for us, but after school I took Caderyn out to where they were staying and he played like a madman until they brought him in later that day.
My mom and dad babysat all the kids while I snuck Pam and Craig out to Jalapeno Inferno (YUM) for a nice dinner and then they took Caderyn and Ziva for the night.
Saturday we got up early and went to the Wildlife World Zoo. It was hot, but by getting there early we timed it perfectly to end our zoo time in the Aquarium at the hottest time of the day.

Ahhhh I loved these giraffes.

Especially that one. It just had the cutest little face and eyelashes.
These lemur's were pretty upset. There was construction going on and they did not like the noise. They were hollering all morning.
The Wildlife Zoo has added a lion, cheetahs, and some other fantastic animals. I like the Wildlife Zoo because you feel closer to everything and their environment looks comfortable for them. More natural. This lion was new to the zoo and he was frisky! He kept running up to the front of the pen as fast as he could and making people squeal, okay only me. I was the squealer. Turns out he was hungry and just waiting for the keeper to come and let him in for breakfast.


We got done at the zoo right around nap time (perfect timing!) and headed over to where Pam and Craig were staying for lunch and to put the babes down for a nap. Look at Gibby, he was pooped. 
Later that night we took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza and let them carb up and go crazy with games.

Sunday was just a lazy day, they kept Caderyn most of the morning and then came over for dinner and some outside play later that night.
And then, just like that, their trip was over. It was short but sweet and we were sure glad they came down to see us and hope they come to visit us again soon!

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