Friday, October 24, 2014


This has been my only post this week, hasn't it?
Well, whoops.
Sometimes I find myself getting carried away thinking about the problems of the world that I feel so uninspired to write. You know?
More on that later.

Continuing our photo tour of LEGOLAND. Day Two of LEGOLAND was warm. We started off the day by heading to the one ride (Sky CruiserS) Caderyn really wanted to go on the previous day, but every time we went it was over an hour to wait. So, no.
We got there when the park opened and booked it over to that ride. Lots of other people had the same idea because it still ended up being an hour wait for a ride that...really wasn't that great. Eh. But the one nice thing about that wait was they had designated Lego play areas throughout the park for the kids and there was one attached to the line space I was in. So Caderyn played the entire time while I waited. Should have been the other way around :)
After the ride we hopped over to Lego City and found my parents involved in a fire truck race with Gibby.  
You can't see him, but he's driving.

We hit up as many rides as we could but found the lines were a little longer than the day before. Caderyn and my dad waited 45 minutes for the Aquazone ride. Caderyn was a champ.

And then something amazing happened. Right around 2:00 p.m. it was like the crowds parted and suddenly we were able to go on any ride we wanted to with a maximum wait of ten minutes. So Caderyn and I teamed up and probably scooted around that park four or five times to hit every single ride, sometimes twice. Caderyn really found his brave pants and went on some big rollercoasters.
We had a blast.  
Waiting in line for his first BIG roller coaster ride. He was pretty nervous, but once the ride was over we went on that ride again and again and again.

Not as many pictures this go around because we were really focused on riding the rides.
It was a great trip.
More pictures to come once I get them uploaded from the camera :)
Happy Friday!

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