Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm going to try something new on here, we'll see if it takes. I try not to go out to eat a lot (you know saving  money and trying to lose weight and all), but I do love to eat out and have been trying to explore some new areas/places I haven't eaten at yet here in Phoenix. I usually go out and splurge a little on the weekends.So without further adieu, here are my "Sarah's The Best Of" for the month of September."

Best Mexican Food: Jalapeno Inferno on North Scottsdale. Spicy and amazing! The tortilla chips just melt in your mouth. I am keen on the queso chicken fajita dish. I get it with black beans instead of refried beans. Ah! So good.
Best Place to Have a Lunch Date: Olive and Ivy in Scottsdale. Their salads are the bomb. You should also order a plate of the hummus before you get your lunch.
Best Pizza (I've had in September): Red Devil at multiple locations. Super cold beer too! Hot Wing pizza was the bomb and they have good dinner salads.
Best Cupcake Place: Sprinkles in Scottsdale. Chocolate marshmallow is my go-to flavor.
Best Place to Take the Kids to Let Them Go Crazy: Peter Piper Pizza. I hate it, but their pizza is pretty good and the kids just love it.
Best Place to Take the Kids and Not Spend A Lot of $: Rio Vista Community Park. They have an awesome splash pad.
Best Zoo in Town: Wildlife World Zoo. The experience was better, more natural, and the animals were fantastic. Just an FYI they do not accept debit anywhere in the park other than the gift shop, so take cash or pack a lunch in a cooler and leave it in your car.
Best Ice Cream/ Cool Treat Place: Rita's Italian Ice. Mmmmmm they have a Strawberry Starburst Snow Cone flavor that I like.
Best Coffee Place: Dutch Bros. Coffee. I get a white chocolate mocha with half flavoring.

So if you haven't tried any of these places and are looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend them. You should know I'm immensely picky about the places I eat and go, so it means the place has to be top notch if I approve it. I mean...Peter Piper Pizza isn't that top-notch, but my kids just go bananas and sleep so well after going there so that has to count for something...right?

And people not from Arizona who are thinking of coming to visit us down here...COME TO VISIT US. Pick something from this that interests you and we will go there!

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