Monday, November 17, 2014


We begin this tale many moons ago...or...more like four weeks ago.
Here is yet another fun-filled family photo confetti explosion just for you to enjoy.
I volunteer in Caderyn's class once a week and teach a lesson (I'm the only parent that probably gets to teach a lesson--not to braaaaaag or anything. Okay I am). So this week the kids learned about Veterans Day, a little bit of history on it, why is was important etc. etc. And then they wrote letters and drew pictures for all of the people working with Jeff in Korea. Nearly the entire school participated in this and it was so much fun to see what all the kids drew and wrote. Some of it was just down right hilarious and some of it was incredibly sweet. I got to hand out the letters when I was in Korea and oh man, if you didn't think a burly mechanic could get excited over a little girls drawing of rainbows and butterflies and proclaiming that the soldiers were there heroes than OH OH! MY HEART! It was adorable. Don't tell those guys though...I don't want to blow their burly cover.
Caderyn finally got his Halloween costume and then it was everything Batman and it is STILL everything Batman.
Gabriel was NOT amused that I was playing with his hair in the tub. He looks like a Who from Dr. Seuss. Hah. Funny story, while I was typing Seuss, I accidentally typed Dr. Deuss and that made me laugh because I thought of the word "deuce" and that word is funny...poop.
How can you not love these two sweet cheeks? We had a week where sleeping in brother's bed was the cool thing to do. That award has lost its luster for the little Gibby and we are now back in the crib.
Caderyn had a friend over who shared his passion for superheroes. Oh man, that was one of the most hilarious playtime I've ever witnessed. They were a different superhero every ten seconds all day.
The weekend before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch/farm that was pretty amazing. My all time favorite one was still the Spokane farm that we went to a year ago because everything about that day screamed "Fall" at me, but this one has been my second favorite so far. It was like 92 degrees that day though and it was busy, but we still had a blast.  
Caderyn is very into having his picture taken lately. He poses and then wants to look at it and then he will usually declare "Make sure Daddy sees that one."
I shall title these next few photos: Fun With Corn
Good times, good times. Good memories.
And now we are into Halloween week:
Kindergarten does a saint project every year. The student picks a saint and then do a little mini report on the saint and create the saint. Then they give a presentation to their class.
Here is Caderyn's saint. He had a vision and I went with it. I was exhausted by the end of the day.
He chose St. Michael the Archangel.
I came down with yet another sinus infection a few days before Halloween. This one had me throwing up and basically zero appetite all week (that NEVER happens for me--even when I'm sick I'm hungry--so this was a pretty big deal). I decided to share my misery in photo form. This was me on the way to dropping kids off, sick and nauseous and ticked at traffic. I turned a corner that next day, but man how am I getting so many sinus infections?
Pumpkin carving night for us! We chose a traditional pumpkin face, carved by moi and then Caderyn wanted to do a Batman pumpkin to match his costume. So we found a printable thingy online and went with it. It turned out pretty dang good. He was very proud.
Thursday night before Halloween I brought out my costume for the Kindergarten party (apparently I'm supposed to dress up. So I did). I was the tooth fairy. It was a cute costume.
Lets just say the second I had this costume on at school I was a complete hit with all of the kids. They were crazy for the crown and the wand and the glitter.
So the Kindergarten Halloween party day is basically pandemonium. Absolutely crazy. I was running back and forth between both classes helping Caderyn's class when I could and helping my class. They all looked super cute.
His class in their costumes.
Then they go outside and the entire school comes to watch grades K-2 do a costume parade. The 5th grade had Saint Projects and they dress up as their saints, so they also join in the parade. A special mom friend of mine from Caderyn's school sent me these action shots from the parade. I love them.

Look at how in character he was! I'm so proud.
After the parade they have a party the rest of the day. It's like a three hour party. 
Gibby stopped by to party a little bit.
Then we went home and tried to rest before going to another Halloween party and then meeting up with friends to go trick-or-treating. Not going to lie. I was exhausted. I felt hung over the next day and didn't drink a dang thing!
Also, Gibby freaked out when it was time to put his pirate costume on, so Gabriel did not wear a costume this year. I was sad about it for a minute.
But then Lucy put her costume on!

Tennage Mutant Ninja Corgi!
Corgi in a Halfshell.
Corgi Power!
She was mad at me for like...five minutes and then she got over it.
The next day I ran around like a crazy lady trying to get things ready before I left for South Korea.
We did manage to get both kids in for a haircut.
And now we're through October.
Up next: A Visit to Korea. And other interesting stories.

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The McGregor Clan said...

Dang, that picture of you and Gibby. He looks straight up like Jeff. Looks like Halloween was a whirlwind. Love Batman too!