Friday, November 14, 2014


Ello there! I've been MIA haven't I? Well I crossed one of the seven seas to go and visit the ole' ball and chain (just a fancy term for my husband) and haven't been able to do Internet-y stuff. Or get all caught up and other stories that go with that.
But first and foremost, we updated my bliggety-blog design. I like it :) Hope everyone else does too. A huge shout out to Jeff from Helena who takes time out of his busy schedule too help a girl out.
So, here we go. I'm nearly a month behind, but I'm just going to dive right in and take y'all down to the bottom with me.
I left off with LEGOLAND. The day we left to come back home we made a quick pit stop at the beach.
Caderyn liked it, Gibby not so much.
Please note I am in the corner having mini heart attacks over Caderyn and the waves.  
 All of the sudden my mom hollers "Oh my gosh! Sharks!" and we looked out over the rolling blue waves and saw fins.
Not sharks, but dolphins. If you look closely you can see one of the fins.
Cliché photos of waves and feet in waves.  

And then we were back home.
 Lucy the Corgi doesn't give a crap.
My mom and I made a butter cake with salted caramel frosting. Oh yeah, it was good. 
We went out for dinner together later the week after returning from California and low and behold Caderyn's tooth fell out. His first tooth! It fell out after taking a bite of his burger. There was a lot of celebrating, especially because Caderyn FINALLY got to use his tooth pillow.  
The Tooth Fairy left him a receipt, three dollars, candy, and a little Halloween toy.

Relax people, this is my side. Strictly PG on here. See that little spot with the stitches. I had a pretty good-sized chunk taken out of my side for dermatological reasons AND then it got infected and I got super sick. Not fun, not fun.
Snuggles with Papa while waking up from nap.

Caderyn was very excited to write about losing his tooth in the Tooth Fairy Book his class sends home. He came right home and worked on it immediately.


Corgi don't give a crap.
Lady-friend night with my friend Sarah was a hit! We're going to try and make this a regular thing.
We had dinner and drinks at Culinary Dropout (one of my favorite places) and then had another drink at The Yard.
Oh hi there pretzel appetizers with cheese dipping sauce. You were delicious.
Well hello grilled cheese sliders with Italian wedding soup...I think that was the soup. You were also delicious.
And then Sarah and I split the caramel corn custard for dessert. Oh man. That thing is a dream.
Beer and people watching at The Yard.
I spent the night at Sarah's and we got up and went shopping the next day. Not to brag or anything, but I scored a pair of brand-spankin' new Michael Kors black heels for $18.99. I haven't worn them yet, but when I do it will be amazing. After shopping we ate a sammie at Duck and Decanter
And then decided we deserved a treat so we headed over to Victorian Cake Company and scored a Cronut (my first one ever) and decided that it was very rich, but also pretty much amazing.
I love that lady. She gets me.
After a fun friend day, I headed back home and we loaded up the boys and a friend of Caderyn's and went to a Fire Prevention exhibit one of the counties was sponsoring. It was great--from the pictures you will see that the kids obviously LOVED it.

Gibby was obsessed with the air-med helicopter. He staked his claim on a seat and would sit in it for ten minutes at a time before we'd force him to rotate out and give someone else a turn. Then he'd wait in line and sit there again and again .
Please note my child is the one making a mess and ruining the grass...
And then my Dad's bagpipe band did a presentation and ROCKED it.

Inside a smoke simulator. Caderyn didn't like this at all and had a little freak-out session.
So then we went around to the booths.

A good night and a good week, obviously.
Thanks for stopping by. Keep on visiting as I will be posting most of next week to get everyone caught up and then I can start sharing about my trip to South Korea.

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