Thursday, November 20, 2014


Continuing with my post from last month, I give you...THE BEST OF...FOR OCTOBER
Best Restaurant of the Month: Culinary Dropout. They take simple foods like pretzels and grilled cheese sammies and make them gourmet. I would highly suggest getting the caramel corn custard for dessert (but share it, it is very rich).

Best Place to Have a Lunch Date: Duck and Decanter

Best Pizza Place: Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza (this place was in California across from the hotel we stayed at. It was delicious!)

Best Cupcake Place: Victorian Cake Company. They make cronuts too. All I have to say is YUM!

Best Frozen Treat: Yogurtology. They update their flavors frequently and have great service and a selection of toppers.

Best Donut Place: Bosa Donuts. Light and fluffy with lots of flavor.

I ate at a lot of the same places Red Devil Pizza and Jalapeno Inferno, but these were some new places I tried and really enjoyed!

Anyone have suggestions? I'm always looking for a fun, new place to eat.

And people not from Arizona who are thinking of coming to visit us down here...COME TO VISIT US. Pick something from this that interests you and we will go there!

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