Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas Eve my family and friends. We are currently in hyper-mode trying to get ready for church and a little gathering with friends this evening, but I wanted to keep things current and post some of our before Christmas shenanigans.

Vogue poses with the corgi. She's been getting lots of great snuggles this week. In her opinion, it's about dang time.
Saturday after school got out, we took the boys up to The Polar Express. It was just fantastic. They LOVED it. Gabriel especially, couldn't keep the excitement off his face.

 All aboard!
Mrs. Claus made us some special treats for our journey.

 The one and only time Gibby sat still the entire trip. He was so excited about being on a train and seeing Santa.
And of course, Caderyn, aka Mr. Christmas, was also very excited. 

Here we go!
Once the train started moving and went through the time-warp tunnel (to get us there faster, duh!), the staff served us hot chocolate and cookies.  

And then all the kids see Santa and his Christmas village.
 I shall title this one: Realization  
And then the train started going backwards and they realized Santa wasn't on his sleigh anymore, but that was only because he was ON THE TRAIN.
It was CRAZY.
As soon as Santa made it to our car Gibby kept saying, "Santa Santa Santa," over and over until Santa finally got to him.
Santa gave each of the boys a special bell and talked to each of them individually.
It was just THE BEST.
Saturday we just hung low and baked and decorated cookies. 
Gibby was the official cookie taster. 

Sunday we rested.
Monday I got the migraine from Hades and was down for the count. It wasn't pretty.
But my brother did make it to town on Monday night.
Tuesday I got my nails did and am happy to announce I FINALLY found someone here who I like.
Best feeling ever.
 Tuesday night we went to dinner at Jalapeno Inferno. YUM. 

 And now you're caught up with our thrilling lives.

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