Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It was a good Christmas this year.
Jeff's absence was definitely felt. We missed him terribly, but we powered on and gave the boys a magical and relaxed day.
 Christmas morning discoveries.

 Poor Gabriel woke up Christmas morning with the ickies. He was battling a double ear infection. Poor bub just couldn't get into the excitement like his brother. He wanted to be cuddled, and left alone, and allowed to rampage all at once. It was a little bit of a bummer.
But he liked his new bike!
 Let the present opening begin

New dinosaur shirt. 
 New Legos!

 Brother wasn't fully awake.
 A little more interested in present opening. 
 Whoa. And we were only halfway through.
Still not awake.
A new lightsaber!
Uh well...someone definitely got spoiled...

 Christmas corgi don't care.  

 Mimosas are a must during any holiday morning AM I RIGHT?
I love those delicious bubbly concoctions.
While breakfast was baking in the oven, my mom set out the champagne for mimosas and we continued opening presents. Ten minutes later we heard a loud pop and a crash and discovered that the cork had popped off the bottle and gone through the kitchen light.
We had lots of laughs about that one.  

In honor of my grandma's memory, my mom made a chocolate pie.
After dinner we splurged and voted that it was one of the best my mom had ever made.  

It was a good Christmas.
There was nowhere to be.
The only items on the agenda was opening presents, eating, and playing to our hearts content.
I didn't get out of my sweatpants ALL day and I loved it.

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