Friday, December 19, 2014


Continuing with our photo catch up.
My Mom got back the Sunday after Thanksgiving from Montana, and with her arrival we set about decorating the inside of the house for Christmas. She always makes it so magical and fun. Both boys wanted to be a part of the set up. By the end of the night Gibby was done and just wanted to lay on the floor and listen to the Snoopy Snow Globe sing and whirl fake snow around.
Someone...I don't know who...discovered a sweet pair of red sunglasses and decided they really made his look. For a week if these sunglasses weren't on his head, there was a meltdown. 

He looks so suave.
The week after Thanksgiving, Caderyn was the Star of the Week in his class. Each child gets a special week where they can talk and share items about themselves. Incorporating culture is encouraged. So, lets just start off this segment with how detailed Caderyn wanted his week to be. Each day he wanted a special treat that he picked out to be brought in. He had a specific toy he wanted to share each day and some kind of performance or presentation for his class. I'm pretty sure there was a three-ring circus involved, a glitter cannon, and a military fly over.
So we scaled it back...WAY back, and this is what we were able to come up with.
Monday: Caderyn brought in his favorite dinosaur toy (Tyrannosaurus Rex) and talked about the T-Rex. He gave some facts on the dinosaur and then let the kids know why the T-Rex was his favorite--he was big and scary. Then he shared with the class that he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up and talked about that. Hand to God that child chose most of his presentation himself. I had to help with pronunciation and explaining to him what certain things meant (we practiced a little at home where I could answer his questions), but that kid was so confident and sure of himself and his topic that he knocked it out of the ballpark. And, for the record, can I just state: paleontologist?! A five-year-old!? And he's been saying he wants to be this for over a year. Most kids his age want to be a builder or a football player or a Lego builder.
Tuesday: Caderyn wanted to share a part of our Scottish culture. He brought in his Scottish kilt and tartan sash and wore it (and that goofy hat) proudly in front of his class. I honestly thought he would back out of the kilt, but that kid stood at the back of the room where I was getting him dressed and stated: "Papa is wearing his and so am I." So Caderyn got up in front of his class and talked about his culture and then he introduced my Dad who played the bagpipes and talked about the pipes and the Scottish for the Kindergarten class. Both classes got to participate! Please note the number of kids covering their ears.

They were rating his sound in this picture.
Proof that I was all my glory.
And then Caderyn taught his class a Scottish phrase: Dinna gut yer fish afore ye get them
Wednesday: My Mom came and read a Christmas story to Caderyn's class.
Thursday: We rested.
Friday: I brought in cinnamon rolls at Caderyn's request and we Skyped in Jeff from South Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was JUST amazing. Caderyn was so proud and talked so wonderfully when introducing his Dad. Jeff had a wonderful presentation prepared for the class. The kids asked him great questions and the teachers, aides, and parents who were in the class that day got all teary-eyed when Jeff talked about being away from family and how much getting those letters the kids made for Veteran's Day meant to all the soldiers. It was very special.
Our tree was officially finished. Can you spot our elf? 

Lucy the stinky corgi made a visit to the groomers and was so incredibly ticked off. SO mad. She HATED the bows. She also hated me for a few hours. But she looks so preeeeeetty.

My college friend Kristyn came into town so we had a fun lady day. We ate brunch at Vincent's (yum!) and then braved the chaos at Last Chance and Nordstrom Rack for some shopping. I love lady-friend days!
Goofing off before a Christmas party, I've lost about 12 pounds total since moving down here and only have maybe five more to go before I'm at my pre-baby, baby (two babies) weight. 
I still think I look so chunky. *Sigh* 
Love my mom :)
And this was by far the best Christmas party I've ever been too. So much fun!
It's Christmas card time! We have four different cards this year. Here is an example of one.
Gabriel came down with the croup out of the blue last week. Into the doctor we went. Despite not sleeping very well, he handled it like a champ and was his usual hilarious self.

This kid! I tell ya.
Caderyn was named Student of the Month for December and found out last week at the all-school assembly. He was so stinkin' cute. So cute. And we were SO proud. He got showered with praise pretty much the rest of the week.
My guy!
Gibby has been excelling in his therapies. Thursdays are a long haul for us with therapies all morning. He knows he's done a good job and worked hard when he gets a sucker after his last therapy. It's probably the highlight of his day. Look at that face!

Over the weekend we ventured to the Deer Valley Airport and watched Santa arrive in a helicopter.
Saturday night my mom gave me the gift of time. Time to myself. I went to Nordstrom Rack and spent an unusually long amount of time there. I tried on probably all the sunglasses, fell in love with this Marc Jacobs purse and browsed all of the clothing and shoes. It was so nice.
Sunday we went out to dinner and then drove around looking at Christmas lights.   
Caderyn has become a fixture in my bed most nights. Gabriel is a chatterbox at bedtime and Caderyn insists on starting off in my bed because he can't fall asleep with Gibby talking and talking. I believe him because as soon as he crawls into my bed he's asleep in two minutes or less. I've timed him! 
Our elf has kept it pretty low key and not so creepy this year, but this one was pretty funny.  

Gibby made a snowman in OT yesterday. It was a three-eyed snowman and we LOVE him.  

And finally, our finale and we are officially caught up!
Caderyn had his Kindergarten Christmas Performance yesterday. He did great. It was so cute! 

"C is for Candle during Advent we light."  
He was having some troubles with his tics on stage. Nerves and just being overwhelmed I think added to the increase in tics. I caught him mid-facial movement here.  But he did great. He sang loud and proud and nailed all of the movements they did with the song. It was precious and he was so proud of himself. I was THAT mom that teared up and got all emotional and crap. Yep. I'm THAT kind of a mom.
 Look at him with those hands behind his back.  
One more day of school and we are officially on Christmas Break! Woop woop!


Ashley Rhian McKee said...

Sarah, I absolutely love reading your blog. You are a wonderful mother and a terrific writer. It is fun to read about your journey. And you look amazing. Happy holidays!

Sarah said...

Aww thanks Ashley! I'm so glad you like it! Keep reading! Are you liking Austin? I visited my brother there just over a year ago. Have you been to Trudy's BBQ yet?