Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Trying to catch up on here is tough! Just ask Lucy. She never gets any attention. I mean...look at her.
Moving onto Thanksgiving. Caderyn had two days of school the week of Thanksgiving. On the last day of school both Kindergarten classes get together and celebrate a mini-feast. At the start of the school year, they are challenged to a number of things like: counting to 30, knowing your vowels, knowing the alphabet, memorizing your address, memorizing your phone number, memorizing some prayers, etc. etc. As they have accomplished these different areas, they earn something for the feast. So my class earns feathers for a hat they wear. Caderyn's class earned badges for a pilgrim sash. When the feast rolls around they hopefully have lots to display. I was the homeroom mom in charge of the class feast. Together, with the other homeroom mom from the other Kinder class, I think we put together a pretty great experience for the kids. After that we were able to go into Thanksgiving with a sense of calm and ease. My mom wasn't with us for Thanksgiving this year, she spent the holiday in Missoula with my grandparents, so it was a little lonely without her, but we made do and ended up having a nice vacation. Here are some clips from our week.
Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. For the feast I made these cupcake teepees and then also decided to make these turkey veggie cups. It seemed like a great idea at 3:00 p.m. but when 11:00 p.m. rolled around...ehhhhhhh...not so much. But they looked good!
 Just a portion of the food for the feast. We had so much!
Mister Pilgrim. See his badge sashy thingy? He actually had about 12 badges on it, but of course, in typical little boy fashion, you can't see it. 
The littles all gathered to celebrate. We had lots of parents attend, which was very nice. 
And then Thanksgiving break began. We had errands to run that Wednesday, but before getting started we took the boys to Dunkin Donuts for a "donie" (pronounced: "dough-nee"), as adorably named by Gibby.
This kid LOVES his donies.
Caderyn had earned a new reward from his behavior chart, and it was one that he'd been working at for two months. He was allowed to watch the Star Wars movies (original).
So we went and bought the set and watched Star Wars each night before bed. Did I mention he's obsessed?
 Lucy is quite loose when she sleeps.
We went over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving and had just a wonderful time. It wasn't rushed or hectic, just very laid back and easy. We loved that.
I did go shopping that night. It's different here in AZ. People go and shop and shop and shop. There were some things I had been waiting to get that I was worried wouldn't be there if I woke up early on Friday, so I bit my lip, hiked up my big girl panties and went shopping for three hours.
Was it worth it? Ehhhhhhhh.
Would I do it again? Probably not.
I think I'll just stick to Friday.
We started the task of putting Christmas lights on the house. But, before that I managed to change a setting on my Dad's phone that would alter the word "and" to "farts" automatically on his text messaging.
And yes I have the humor of a fifth grade boy.
Farts are funny.
So this was how most of my day was spent:
He figured it out much faster than I thought he would, but it was still a pretty hilarious day.
And then of course, drumroll PLEASE: 
 The house.
You can't see the other half, which is also very twinkly. Just imagine all those twinkling lights. 

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