Friday, December 12, 2014


Rounding out my trip in South Korea are these two pictures:
Jeff eating a donut. He looks good doing it, though. The hotel we stayed at in Seoul had this really good little bakery/delicatessen that we ate at every day. I would literally stuff my face with as much food as I could there because I didn't know what food I would get to eat the rest of the day. It was a nice way to start our mornings together.  
And this. We may not have spoken the same language or been on the same page about food and tastebuds, but the South Koreans understand my sweet tooth.
After our trip to Seoul, we had two more low key days/nights together. Jeff did take me into Uijeongbu where they have a 10-story mall. That was interesting. And then I took a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to the airport for my Wednesday evening flight. The flight back was bumpy, but I an aisle to myself and I watched tons of movies again. I couldn't sleep...again. I tried and I tried. Nothing.
I left South Korea at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday night and arrived at Seattle at 10:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning.
I immediately crammed two pieces of pizza into my mouth while I waited for my next flight to L.A.
It was an incredibly LONG day of travel, but I finally arrived in Phoenix around 9:30 p.m.
I kissed my boys and went to bed.
I woke up the next morning so incredibly sick I couldn't get out of bed without throwing up.
It was terrible and came completely out of nowhere.
My poor dad, who works at home, had to listen to me barf all day from his office next to my bathroom.
Thankfully, I have a guardian angel and my wonderful friend Sarah arrived to watch Gibby for two hours until he took a nap and she brought me an entire pharmacy of stuff to pump into my body.
I slept and slept and finally that evening, managed to keep a little food down.
I stayed home from work that Friday and continued to sleep my dizzies away.
By Saturday I was feeling a little more perky and felt able to take Caderyn to a birthday party and eat some pizza (sweet, sweet glorious pizza):
He grew while I was away!
I went back to work on Monday and was met with these adorable cards from my kindergarteners: 
Look at how long my neck is! Look and how long my torso is!
Princess Fluffett missed me and followed me around for days. Now she could care less where I am.
And slowly, but surely I was able to resume our usual routine.   

 By chance I came across a Groupon for Walking With Dinosaurs and got great seats for Caderyn and I to have a little Mom and Son Night Out. I have to say this was an amazing show. I would highly suggest spending a little more money and getting as close as you can to the arena. Caderyn was absolutely captivated for two hours and walked away exclaiming about everything.
He's officially decided (for this month at least) that he wants to be a paleontologist.
I'm going to continue to encourage this for as long as I can because I think that would be pretty wonderful for him.
Waiting in line for pretzels.

Oh yeah, see that lady in front of us filming. She got in trouble and they confiscated her iPad until after the show. They didn't take my phone, but then again, I was sneaky about taking pictures. I should be a detective.

And just like that my trip was over and I was back. Getting sick so quickly and intensely and right after all that travel just about ruined me. I had trouble sleeping and really eating a full meal for a week.
I learned a lot during my trip. Like its actually very expensive for the soldiers over there. All the food is imported (and it doesn't always taste very good), so if you want to make a crock pot roast and purchase all the materials, what should only cost at the most $20 for everything would be double that over there. Where Jeff is located isn't by a major city, but rather by kind of a dinky little town. There isn't very much to do there, and Jeff spends a lot of his time "baby-sitting" other, lower-ranking soldiers.
But I met lots of great people there, that's one thing that has always impressed me during our short time here in the military. How gracious, friendly, and just welcoming everyone is. They may have just met you, but they are so polite and always ask and inquire about your life.
I already had a lot of respect for my husband and what he did before I went on this trip, but now that love and respect has grown in leaps and bounds.
We are nearly over the largest hump of this separation and after the new year it will hopefully be a nice downward slide to the end of this time apart.
Oh and the letters and pictures I took to those soldiers ABSOLUTELY made their whole day. If you are at all interested in writing to some of them, please let me know and I will be more than generous in helping you get in contact!
More catch-up from November to come next week.

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I would totally write. I know how it makes my day to get mail at home so I can only imagine how good it would feel to get mail when one is away from home protecting us.
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