Monday, December 15, 2014


This kid right here is Mr. Christmas. There is no one more excited about putting up the Christmas decorations, making holiday treats, or talking about all the things to do over Christmas than THIS kid. Oh he is excited.

Here are some things he wants for Christmas.
1. Anything Star Wars. His new obsession. He especially wants these Angry Birds pod things...I don't know...he loves them. Too bad Santa has pretty much rounded out his list for this boy.

2. Anything Ninja Turtle.

4. Anything superhero.

3. Books. He loves books. Any kind of books. Sticker books, activity books, reading books.

4. New clothes. He grows like a weed and needs pants. All the pants I bought in prep for his next growth spurt, basically only one of those pairs fits him.

5. Science experiments.

6. Legos

Typical five-year-old stuff.

And then there's this kiddo. Remember those curls? He still has them, but if his hair gets too long it bothers him
Gibby, Gibby, Gibby.
Not as interested in Christmas as Caderyn, but he sure loves the lights and sounds of Christmas. We are going to attempt a picture with Santa sometime next week. Attempt is the key word here for everyone to remember.

1. Gibby would love a new bike. We got him one, but are debating whether or not a Strider bike isn't the way to go. Especially since it would help him with his balance and development.

2. Anything Planes or Cars.

3. Anything Thomas the Train.

4. Suckers. This kid loves suckers and they are currently the ultimate form of bribery.

My kids have been good this year. They have gone through a lot of changes with us. We've had a few bumps along the way but for the most part I think Santa will spoil them.

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