Monday, December 8, 2014


1. This shirt either gray or purple.

2. This jacket in gray.

3. These workout capris.
4. This shirt

5. Money to go shopping

6. Money for my birthday trip in March

7. A new kindle--mine won't hold a charge and refuses to let me download movies.
8. New workout/running shoes
9. New sunglasses. Mine have seen better days. I got them at Nordstrom Rack like four years ago. So maybe a gift certificate to Nordstrom Rack so I can go look at their sunglasses there. I like their glasses.

10. A new bathrobe. My grandma used to get me one every Christmas and since she's passed, I've worn the last one she bought me out and had to get rid of it.

11. A mani/pedi

12. New dishes. I mean this one is tricky because they are going to sit for practically a year. But I've basically made up my mind that I want new dishes and I want them to be white with bigger coffee cups. I've looked around a little bit since I've been in Arizona and this is the one that I like the most for, what I think is, a very reasonable price. Maybe for Mother's Day? These are from Kohls. They are the Food Network brand and the design/style is basketweave.
13. A gift certificate for family photos. We take them every year and I love them, but they can be pricey!
14. A new book/ gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. Mmmmm nothing says "I love you"/ Merry Christmas" to this gal than a  new book or the chance to get lost in a book store for an hour or so.
15. Tangled

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