Friday, January 30, 2015


Living with my parents has opened my children's eyes up to cable television.
We don't watch cable cartoons a lot, but when we do, I see how quickly impressions can be made.
Ever seen ads for these?
Ads for this float around during Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
After about the fourth time of seeing this ad, Caderyn did this:
Caderyn: Mommy, you should get these hair stamp things. If you order them now, you can get two for only ten dollars. They would make your hair pretty.
Me: Um no. I like my hair the way it is. Don't you?
(He gives me a look of complete and utter disgust)
Caderyn:  It's so boring. Their hair sparkles!
Well then...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Gabriel, Mister Gibby.
The cuteness of Gibby knows no bounds. He never fails to charm everyone in his path...unless he's cranky or doesn't get his way...and then you'd better watch out.
This kid is so hot and cold. He's either super happy and having the best day ever or extremely chilly and you are praying for bedtime.
Sounds like a typical toddler, right?

Gabriel is not a morning person by kid standards. He likes to get up between 7:30-8:30 a.m. or sometimes later. He prefers to stay in his bed until he is ready to get up--on his own terms--and if you try to rush him out of bed he gets cranky. He wants to stay in bed with the light on and work on waking up on his own.
He would prefer to stay in his jammies all day.
He has an "inky," and this blanket goes everywhere with him. Aunt Kathi, if you find any spare time in your days and are feeling crafty, we could use maybe five more of those blankies so we always have one on hand. He loves that thing.
He still sucks the two fingers on his right hand.
He finally fits into 2T shirts, but his skinny little bottom swims in the pants.
He loves breakfast. It is his favorite and largest meal.
Other than breakfast he's not much of an eater. It is tough to get him to eat a full meal with fruits and veggies after breakfast. I've resorted to mixing baby food veggies in with yogurt just so he gets nutrients.
He loves trains. Absolutely loves Thomas the Train. If he could play trains all day he would be the happiest.
He has a vivid imagination and is currently into pretending to be a monster.
His speech has progressed wonderfully in the past month. He will say things like, "play turtle power," when he wants to play Ninja Turtles or "I wuv you, Mommy." My personal fave. He is hard to understand sometimes, but it seems like each day he becomes a little more clear.
He pronounces Caderyn, "Traydin."
He adores his older brother, but also tries to boss him around a lot.
He is a snuggler and loves giving loves.
He loves playing outside and riding his bike.
He is a rule follower.
If you try to throw too much change at him in one day, he melts down. Gabriel has been the child who really helped me slow down and look at the needs of my kids rather than the long list of stuff I have to day that day.
He is content to sit and watch for a few minutes or maybe an hour before deciding he wants to play.
He loves running and being chased. He will holler, "Let's go!" And then rush off to see who will follow him.
He LOVES his daycare.
He loves scrambled eggs and muffins and pancakes.
Other than his inky, Gibby does not like to sleep with blankets on him at night. He kicks everything off and throws it out of his bed. I have to go in after he's asleep and cover him.
He announces when he children.
We have started introducing him to the potty. He's not overly interested, but he will at least sit on it for a minute or two.
He has a strong opinion and let's us know when he feels left out.
He does this cute thing where he puffs out his cheeks and it looks like he's thinking really hard about something.
He loves pretending to scare people.
Like his brother, he loves Scooby Doo.
He still attends his therapies and is improving each week.

Gibby, like his brother, is growing in leaps and bounds.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hath it really been over seven months since my human hast informed thee of moi?
How dare-th she?! I shall leave her multiple surprises in the yard and she shall have to think about her dismal treatment of my sacred self whilst she picks them up.
Disgusting humans. Always picking up our filth like it's a prize.
Where shall I begin? My life is such a mixture of wonderment.
My human plebs moved me from my Montana kingdom full of detestable deer, salacious squirrels, and not nearly enough walks to the land of fire.
I stayed inside for three straight months for my dainty puppy paws would singe on the concrete.
My human was very careful about my toes, I will give her that. She did buy me a pair of the most hideous booties to try and fight the heat. Those things were so last season.
I essentially made myself one with the floor and refused to move while these Wal Mart style boots were upon my feet. Psh. Come back with a pair of Prada boots for me next time human and THEN we'll talk. Such a common pleb that one.
I drank lots of water and tried to sleep away the months of unfathomable heat. My castle was air conditioned and fully stocked with couchbeds. So I did not suffer so.
Once, my human thought it would be a laugh to put me in the Great Lake of Pool.
I did not find it amusing.
Though I was significantly cooler.
But I was still humiliated that the humans discovered my rump floats just a little bit higher than my royal head.
Since moving down to the land of fire, I have noticed that I get walked more.
As it should be.
And adored more.
As it should be.
And left outside in a safe yard to glorify in the sunshine.
Or so the sunshine can glorify in me.
As it should be.
I have even taken on a part-time job with my female human's older human fatherman.
I am his official company keeper of the office. He must get so lonely in there clacking away all day and staring at that bright box. So I keep him company.
I nestle my fury lumps at his feet and then, when I get tired of that I move over to the corner for one of my 20 naps.
If I am not keeping the fatherman company, then I am standing guard over my new yard.
This yard does not suffer the same kind of attacks as my old kingdom.
This one must be protected from the occasional Satancat, Uglyduck, or Skinny-looking rat bird.
Those are my names for these creatures, but just for clarification I have instructed my human to communicate their English terms, so you of lower-level intelligence will understand my godly tongue.
(Cats, Ducks, and Pidgeons)
My new kingdom is under assault from these creatures almost daily and it is my canine-sworn duty to vanquish them down to the last feather or furball.
I am such a valiant fighter.
I truly am a hero in the land of fire.
Once I have fought my daily battles and managed the office of the fatherman, I am content to lay upon mine fluffy flower couch and ponder my new arrangements.
The tiny humans leave me alone more since they are always busy playing. My human pays more attention to her queen and is able to give her the attention, food, and adoration I deserve. I am respected and revered for my contributions to home and yard safety.
I shall go so far as to say I am complacent. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This guy has a sense of humor without even trying.

Caderyn lost another tooth last night (woo hoo). My mom wasn't home when it happened and Caderyn was anxious to tell/show her. Once she got home, she had strict orders to go right up to his room (it was bedtime) to hear all about it.

Caderyn told my mom a riveting tale of how Papa pulled his tooth out while reading a book and then...

My mom: It's late buddy. You need to go to sleep so you're rested for school tomorrow.
Caderyn: WELL, I was almost in sleep mode until you came into my room.

Sleep mode? Who says sleep mode? I sure don't. Where does he get this stuff?

Monday, January 19, 2015


  • Caderyn is halfway through his first year of school.
  • He thrives with learning and playing.
  • He can read, he can write. His coloring is pretty fair (for a boy) and his printing is good. He can recognize all letters of the alphabet and count up to 100. He can read all number words (one, two...) and tell you the quantity of the word (he will say two and hold up two fingers). He can read all of the colors and knows what the color is. This quarter we will be learning days of the week and months of the year.
  • He loves riding his bike and playing outside.
  • He loves all things Lego, Star Wars, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • He is testing out his sass limits with his mom and, in turn, I'm trying to figure out what I need to let go and what needs to be corrected. I don't want to infringe on budding humor, but there are limits.
  • Caderyn is kind and thoughtful of other people around him.
  • He is a LOUD crier. Very loud. I'm working with him on trying to tone it down a bit. It's okay to cry, especially if you are hurt,  but not so loud the whole neighborhood wakes up.
  • He is getting more thick skinned, especially when it comes to crashing/falling on his bike. Nine times out of ten he gets right back up and rides again.
  • He is incredibly helpful. He makes his bed and will clear his plate without being asked.
  • He absolutely LOVES playing.
  • He loves being sung too and is starting to enjoy singing himself. I usually sing to the boys before bed and he will join in on some of them or sing them on his own.
  • He still tells me how much he likes having me at his school with him.  
  • He loves science.
  • He wants to do projects all the time.
  • He tries to dictate how everything in his day will go, what will happen when and how people will act. We've been telling him constantly to let it go a little and just to let things happen.
  • He likes routine, but he also loves the weekends when he gets to watch Saturday morning cartoons and stay in his pajamas until noon. We did that yesterday.
  • He is going to play soccer and t-ball starting next month.
  • He usually falls asleep within five minutes after crawling into bed.
  • In typical little boy fashion, he waits until the very last minute to go to the bathroom.
  • He makes incredible sound effects for space ships, cars, dinosaurs, monsters, etc. I love listening to him play.
  • He struggles to sit or stand still.
  • He loves watching movies and playing board games.
  • He is curious about so many things and processes the information we give him so intelligently. Some of the things he's about to sound off on just amaze me.
  • He is nearly six...six..six. My  heart.
  • When we moved down to Arizona we noticed his tics were practically non-existent. Now, they have slowly been coming back (so frustrating). We've tried everything we can think of, but they have been getting so bad that they are now distracting him in school. So, we are going to take him to see a behavioral therapist to see if she can work with him. Maybe she can talk to him about what he's going through, maybe she can work with him on a different outlet, or maybe she can just let him know everything is fine. What we're doing just doesn't seem to be working and I don't want his schooling to suffer because he loves learning. I also want him to work on telling people what's going on because he gets extremely withdrawn when people ask him why he scrunches up his face or moves his eyes and his head the way he does. We are hopeful he will grow out of it in the future, but we also don't want to make a huge deal out of it and make it worse. He is perfect the way he is, we just want to give him some guidance and strength as he continues to navigate this journey.

Overall, Caderyn is growing and thriving. He loves life and has such incredible energy and excitement for each new day. He is my special buddy, so much wiser beyond his years.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Continuing with procrastination, here is the rest of our Christmas break.
One morning we woke up and all the stars aligned and we were able to go for a hike. All of us.
We got donuts after hiking and watched as Gibby ate three whole donuts to himself.
It was...impressive
Caderyn wasn't all that impressed. He ate two donuts.
And, as always, we have our traditional and fun trip to ZooLights.
Honey badger don't give a...

These two!

Listening to the U of A band have their pep rally thingy. The boys loved it.

A tree made out of milk cartons.

Does Christmas break really have to end??

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I'm basically using these next few posts as an excuse.
Getting back to school and work was haaaaaaaaaaaaaard y'all.
Throw a little dude getting a tummy bug into the mix and we had ourselves a hectic week.
I had myself three beers last Friday night. Whoooeeeee that's a lot for me.
So, here are some pictures from Christmas Break: After Christmas
 The cutest little bedhead you ever did see.

The first night we attempted to go to the Train Park was a bust. There were way too many people. It was bananas. We still had a good time walking around and looking at the model train building. We went out to dinner after.

I taught a lesson about how Advent is a time for waiting.
I used an Amarylis as an example of something you have to wait for. There was a really good message and (not to brag or anything) but I knocked it out of the park. Over the break I was tasked with taking the flower home and making sure it didn't die.
I'm usually not very good with plants, but this one didn't die and is currently sitting in the classroom with four beautiful red flowers.
One night later we attempted the Train Park again and had better luck.

Oh look look! It's still alive AND growing!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For her birthday years back, my mom received a painting from my grandparents. It was a beautiful painting, a simple scene of a teepee on a bank with sunlight streaming in through the thickets. There is a Native American woman smiling and walking toward the water. The sunlight creating a warm glow around her and the path she walks.
The artist signed it. It is a special piece of my mom's.
I glanced at it on Sunday as we were rushing around the house, trying to clean, trying to organize. Trying to stay calm before the storm of going back to school/back to work.
I stopped for a minute to analyze the painting and then the small, short handwritten note on it to my mom. "To Noreen: Walk In Sunshine."
As I stood there, glancing at this painting that I've looked at hundreds of times before, I was suddenly struck with my motto for 2015.
Walk in Sunshine
This is the year of enjoying each moment.
This is the year of treating each new day with grace and appreciation.
Life may not always bring the best of times each day. You may lose someone close to you. You may be separated from someone you love. You may feel the crunch of bills on your income. You may stub your toe or get a bloody nose.
These things happen.
But it is our choice, or I should say, MY choice, to continue without interruption. Without faltering. Without being ungracious or taking the time for unnecessary glowering.

Enjoying the days, the special memories we get, for all too soon these days will seem so distant. There is beauty, life, and love in each new day, and this motto is about being optimistic and finding the positive no matter the challenge or outcome.
Our time on this earth is too short to dwell in negativity.
I choose to Walk in Sunshine.