Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Gabriel, Mister Gibby.
The cuteness of Gibby knows no bounds. He never fails to charm everyone in his path...unless he's cranky or doesn't get his way...and then you'd better watch out.
This kid is so hot and cold. He's either super happy and having the best day ever or extremely chilly and you are praying for bedtime.
Sounds like a typical toddler, right?

Gabriel is not a morning person by kid standards. He likes to get up between 7:30-8:30 a.m. or sometimes later. He prefers to stay in his bed until he is ready to get up--on his own terms--and if you try to rush him out of bed he gets cranky. He wants to stay in bed with the light on and work on waking up on his own.
He would prefer to stay in his jammies all day.
He has an "inky," and this blanket goes everywhere with him. Aunt Kathi, if you find any spare time in your days and are feeling crafty, we could use maybe five more of those blankies so we always have one on hand. He loves that thing.
He still sucks the two fingers on his right hand.
He finally fits into 2T shirts, but his skinny little bottom swims in the pants.
He loves breakfast. It is his favorite and largest meal.
Other than breakfast he's not much of an eater. It is tough to get him to eat a full meal with fruits and veggies after breakfast. I've resorted to mixing baby food veggies in with yogurt just so he gets nutrients.
He loves trains. Absolutely loves Thomas the Train. If he could play trains all day he would be the happiest.
He has a vivid imagination and is currently into pretending to be a monster.
His speech has progressed wonderfully in the past month. He will say things like, "play turtle power," when he wants to play Ninja Turtles or "I wuv you, Mommy." My personal fave. He is hard to understand sometimes, but it seems like each day he becomes a little more clear.
He pronounces Caderyn, "Traydin."
He adores his older brother, but also tries to boss him around a lot.
He is a snuggler and loves giving loves.
He loves playing outside and riding his bike.
He is a rule follower.
If you try to throw too much change at him in one day, he melts down. Gabriel has been the child who really helped me slow down and look at the needs of my kids rather than the long list of stuff I have to day that day.
He is content to sit and watch for a few minutes or maybe an hour before deciding he wants to play.
He loves running and being chased. He will holler, "Let's go!" And then rush off to see who will follow him.
He LOVES his daycare.
He loves scrambled eggs and muffins and pancakes.
Other than his inky, Gibby does not like to sleep with blankets on him at night. He kicks everything off and throws it out of his bed. I have to go in after he's asleep and cover him.
He announces when he children.
We have started introducing him to the potty. He's not overly interested, but he will at least sit on it for a minute or two.
He has a strong opinion and let's us know when he feels left out.
He does this cute thing where he puffs out his cheeks and it looks like he's thinking really hard about something.
He loves pretending to scare people.
Like his brother, he loves Scooby Doo.
He still attends his therapies and is improving each week.

Gibby, like his brother, is growing in leaps and bounds.

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mema said...

And that is our sweet, wonderful, adorable Gibby. We miss him so much! We miss you all so much!