Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For her birthday years back, my mom received a painting from my grandparents. It was a beautiful painting, a simple scene of a teepee on a bank with sunlight streaming in through the thickets. There is a Native American woman smiling and walking toward the water. The sunlight creating a warm glow around her and the path she walks.
The artist signed it. It is a special piece of my mom's.
I glanced at it on Sunday as we were rushing around the house, trying to clean, trying to organize. Trying to stay calm before the storm of going back to school/back to work.
I stopped for a minute to analyze the painting and then the small, short handwritten note on it to my mom. "To Noreen: Walk In Sunshine."
As I stood there, glancing at this painting that I've looked at hundreds of times before, I was suddenly struck with my motto for 2015.
Walk in Sunshine
This is the year of enjoying each moment.
This is the year of treating each new day with grace and appreciation.
Life may not always bring the best of times each day. You may lose someone close to you. You may be separated from someone you love. You may feel the crunch of bills on your income. You may stub your toe or get a bloody nose.
These things happen.
But it is our choice, or I should say, MY choice, to continue without interruption. Without faltering. Without being ungracious or taking the time for unnecessary glowering.

Enjoying the days, the special memories we get, for all too soon these days will seem so distant. There is beauty, life, and love in each new day, and this motto is about being optimistic and finding the positive no matter the challenge or outcome.
Our time on this earth is too short to dwell in negativity.
I choose to Walk in Sunshine.

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