Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Ah, I've really been a slacker on this blog lately. We've just got so much going on--which is good!
But here are some pictures of our last few weeks.
The day of the Super Bowl, Caderyn came down with a nasty virus and then...slowly, but surely, we all started to drop like flies. I was sick, Gibby was sick, my mom was sick. It was awful.
By Saturday, Caderyn was starting to perk up and driving us other sickies crazy with his cabin-fever.
So I took him to Home Depot for their Kid Craft Day. Wow. How had I not heard of this yet? Caderyn loved it. We made a wooden flower pot.
He was a building champ and I was just there trying not to pass out.

Caderyn's class has a fundraiser for their big auction this coming weekend. Someone left us the sign and we had to take a picture and send it in with a donation and then pass it on to another classmate.
Isn't he the cutest?
The class's completed auction project.
Caderyn's first soccer game. 

Um HELLO. A cave of spiders? The spiders are the size of dinner plates.
Swinging bliss
My Grandma's sugar cookie recipe got put to good use.

Caderyn had a BLAST at his Kindergarten Valentine's Day Party. He made all the little girls laugh with his photographic nature (as seen above) and he got to shake his caboose on the dance floor. It was adorable mayhem.
Valentine's Day is just so...Eh.
So this year I decided to shake things up and treat myself real nice.
Mmmm I bought myself some new earrings. They're real nice.
The night before Valentine's Day my mom and I went out to dinner at Babbo's and had a great time. We bought a bottle of champagne while we waited for a table.
And then my mom bought me dessert. Dang! She knows how to treat a lady!
It was nice. I sure like my mom.
Valentine's Day rolled in that next day and my tradition with the boys is that they get a special breakfast and a little treat that morning. My mom made them heart-shaped pancakes that we decorated. The boys got a balloon and a special treat box.
And that was the extent of our Valentine's Day.
More pictures to come next week.

Lucy's eyeball says 'Hi."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Driving home from school last week.

Caderyn: Mommy isn't it crazy to think that fifteen years from now Gibby will be here?
Me: Where?
Caderyn: Here!
Me: Where? I don't understand.
Caderyn: Fifteen years from now Gibby will be sitting where I am and he'll be in Kindergarten!
Me: Caderyn, 15 years from now Gibby will be 17 and you will be 20. (My heart cried a little when I said that)
Caderyn: What? No!
Me: Yep.
Caderyn:........well you're just a crazy old lady!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ever have one of those moments where your kid says something that was a direct quote from your mouth. Except he's not talking to you, he's talking to a stranger? You feel proud or you feel mortified? Well that was us on Sunday.
We ventured outside after our bout of sickness and took a trip to the park. Caderyn made a friend there almost immediately and they started chatting.

After about five minutes of walking around and talking this happened:

New Kid: And I really like to play basketball. Do you know how to play basketball and bounce the ball and shoot it in the basket?
Caderyn: Let's have less talking and more playing.

I whipped my head to where Caderyn and his new little friend were standing. I was pretty much in shock. We have started telling this to Caderyn because he talksandtalksandtalksandtalksandtalks trying to dictate everything. So that's become out new motto with him. I watched, waiting to see how this kid would react to Caderyn's spouting of our words of wisdom.

New Kid: I like that. You're right!
Caderyn: Let's go!

And off they ran.

Friday, February 6, 2015


I'm behind on these posts.
I will attribute this to the fact that we've been sick most of January. We were doing so well up until January and then BAM. One thing after the other. I bet we've been to the doctor six times this month.
No joke.
Yesterday was kind of the climax when Gabriel, my mom, and I all woke up sick.
It was the pits. We were all home hacking and groaning.
I'm feeling better today and I hope this is the last time we're sick.
So without further hesitation, here are our photos from the last month.
Bwahahaha. I nearly bought these just because I stood in front of the counter for about five minutes just giggling.  
For the first time in seven years we got to celebrate my mom's birthday with her. It was wonderful.

Playing around with iPhoto booth. The kids love it. 

Mr. Cool 

I got mah nails did. Ahhh I love finally having someone here to do them.  

Someone lost another tooth!
Big beer 
My new leather jacket! Mmmm! Now I just need to go out and have an excuse to wear it.

 We've kind of started the potty training process. He's not taking to it like Caderyn did. I'm coming to the realization that I'll just have to be patient.

My class made a Kindness Quilt and entered it into a competition. I had so much fun painting with them. Look at some of those designs! I'm so impressed.   
 Look at how proud there are.
 Close up of their work.
My bud.

Welsh Corgi don't give a... 
 Lounging outside in the glorious 69 degree weather.
And it was crazy sock day at school.  
 Gibby is the Chalk King.

Caderyn's class auction project. I'm not crafty and when I got put in charge of this I panicked. So the fact that this birdbath turned out pretty good was a huge win for me.  
 Caderyn's 100th Day of School Project.
Caderyn was all ready for his big t-ball game day.  
 The whole school comes out to watch this game.

Aaaaaan then the flu and respiratory infections set in. 
We will be using this weekend to rest and relax.