Tuesday, February 3, 2015


My buddy has been really sick this week. Fever that fluctuates from 101-104, but won't break, and a pretty nasty cough. I'm home with him today, and despite not feeling great he's downstairs on the couch singing.

Lately Caderyn's produced a couple of great zingers.
Last week, Caderyn's class participated in a friendly t-ball game against the other Kindergarten class. It's kind of a big deal, the whole school turns out to watch.
The teachers did a great job of getting the kids excited and pumped up for the game. Especially Caderyn.

Let me set the scene for you a bit.
Thursday, 1:30 a.m. Caderyn comes into my room and wakes me up.

Me: (Snapping out of a dead sleep) Caderyn! What's wrong?
Caderyn: (wide awake) I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow I have free dress because its the Jets and Bombers game.
Me: What?
Caderyn: I don't have to wear my uniform tomorrow. Don't forget.

And I put him back to bed.
Thursday, 3:30 a.m. Caderyn comes back into my room.

Me: (snapping out of a dead sleep) What's wrong?
Caderyn:I have to bring a dollar so I can have free dress. Did you put a dollar in my folder?
Me: I did. Go to bed.

That next morning--talking to us at breakfast.

Caderyn: Today's the big game. I've been practicing baseball a lot this week so, of course we're going to win.

Sidenote: "Of course" has become on of the most used phrases for Caderyn this week.
Caderyn: We have a big game tomorrow Papa, and, of course, you'll be there.
Caderyn: I don't have any homework tonight, so, of course, I should probably practice for the game.
Caderyn: I already brushed my teeth, so, of course, I should be allowed to stay up later than Gibby.

Sidenote: Voila or, as he pronounces it, "Wah-lah" is also something Caderyn learned this week.

On the way to school, Caderyn read a whole book out loud.
Caderyn: I read this whole book by myself so "wah-lah" I should probably be in high school.
My mom: High School?
Caderyn: Yeah and then I'd be an adult and probably have a kid.

Uh huh. Right. Let's chalk that one up to innocence.

Caderyn: We did such a great job in our game that "wah-lah" they gave us a medal.
Caderyn: My mom bought me my first set of Legos when I was really little and "wah-lah" I've liked them ever since.
Fun with the iPad photobooth.

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