Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ever have one of those moments where your kid says something that was a direct quote from your mouth. Except he's not talking to you, he's talking to a stranger? You feel proud or you feel mortified? Well that was us on Sunday.
We ventured outside after our bout of sickness and took a trip to the park. Caderyn made a friend there almost immediately and they started chatting.

After about five minutes of walking around and talking this happened:

New Kid: And I really like to play basketball. Do you know how to play basketball and bounce the ball and shoot it in the basket?
Caderyn: Let's have less talking and more playing.

I whipped my head to where Caderyn and his new little friend were standing. I was pretty much in shock. We have started telling this to Caderyn because he talksandtalksandtalksandtalksandtalks trying to dictate everything. So that's become out new motto with him. I watched, waiting to see how this kid would react to Caderyn's spouting of our words of wisdom.

New Kid: I like that. You're right!
Caderyn: Let's go!

And off they ran.

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