Friday, February 6, 2015


I'm behind on these posts.
I will attribute this to the fact that we've been sick most of January. We were doing so well up until January and then BAM. One thing after the other. I bet we've been to the doctor six times this month.
No joke.
Yesterday was kind of the climax when Gabriel, my mom, and I all woke up sick.
It was the pits. We were all home hacking and groaning.
I'm feeling better today and I hope this is the last time we're sick.
So without further hesitation, here are our photos from the last month.
Bwahahaha. I nearly bought these just because I stood in front of the counter for about five minutes just giggling.  
For the first time in seven years we got to celebrate my mom's birthday with her. It was wonderful.

Playing around with iPhoto booth. The kids love it. 

Mr. Cool 

I got mah nails did. Ahhh I love finally having someone here to do them.  

Someone lost another tooth!
Big beer 
My new leather jacket! Mmmm! Now I just need to go out and have an excuse to wear it.

 We've kind of started the potty training process. He's not taking to it like Caderyn did. I'm coming to the realization that I'll just have to be patient.

My class made a Kindness Quilt and entered it into a competition. I had so much fun painting with them. Look at some of those designs! I'm so impressed.   
 Look at how proud there are.
 Close up of their work.
My bud.

Welsh Corgi don't give a... 
 Lounging outside in the glorious 69 degree weather.
And it was crazy sock day at school.  
 Gibby is the Chalk King.

Caderyn's class auction project. I'm not crafty and when I got put in charge of this I panicked. So the fact that this birdbath turned out pretty good was a huge win for me.  
 Caderyn's 100th Day of School Project.
Caderyn was all ready for his big t-ball game day.  
 The whole school comes out to watch this game.

Aaaaaan then the flu and respiratory infections set in. 
We will be using this weekend to rest and relax.

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