Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yes. I turned 30.
And, to be completely honest with you. IT WAS WONDERFUL.
Right around the time that we moved down to Arizona, my good friend Sarah (yes, we share the same name) and I started talking about having a birthday celebration in Disneyland. Things slowly fell into place and before we knew it we were on our way there.
The weather was terrible the Monday that I flew out, and the airport was packed because of all the cancellations and delays. Sarah got stuck in Dallas for the night and I barely made it onto the standby list for my crowded flight. But I did! And then we sat on the runway for 45 minutes making everyone later and the flight over was bumpy...but that's just my travel paranoia speaking.
But I finally got to California and Sarah was set to fly in that next morning so we were on our way!
I was shuttled to the hotel where I quickly unpacked and fell sound asleep. 4:30 a.m. rolled around and I was wide awake texting back and forth with Sarah who was already on her flight about how excited we were. Her flight didn't get in until 8:15 a.m. so I dozed off and on before getting up and getting ready.
I'm not one bit embarrassed to tell you I was as excited as a seven-year-old. Sarah pulled up to the hotel around 9:00 a.m. and after a quick freshen up for her we hurried across the street to Disneyland to wait for the park to open. SO MUCH FUN. The first day we were there we did California Adventure.

I couldn't stand being in the room while waiting for Sarah to get to the hotel. So I bought an autograph book and kept taking pictures of my "Are you here yet?" face.
And then Sarah was here and we took pictures of ourselves walking to the park.  

 We ended up getting there before the park opened and waiting for about ten minutes.
Once the doors opened we sped on over to Cars Land.
 Sorry I cut your out of the picture Sarah! We tried to take a quick pic before the ride started.  
Then we got something to eat and rode the Ariel ride.

 Tower of Terror 
 Cars again. We went about six times.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Best pic- girl with the dazed look infront of the tire shop :-)
Looks like you had a BLAST!!!