Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Still playing catch up on here! We've had a whirlwind couple of weeks. I turned 30. Yikes. It was an incredibly fun time, though, I went to Disneyland. More on that later.
Here are some pictures of our day to day lives through the end of February.
Movie date with my mama.  

 Princess Fluffcakes
 Jeff sends me corgi pictures like this that always make me smile. Thanks lovey.

Purchasing these tickets completely fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine.  
Humidity. Yeesh. Good thing we aren't moving to the east cost. This head of hair would be a disaster-zone.  
 Lego playdate.
 I went out to dinner with a friend and we discovered this new donut place at Westgate called Fractured Prune. You can order one of their specialty donuts or you can make one of your own. THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING AND EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT. Sarah's seal of endorsement.  
 I've really enjoyed the sunshine and lack of snow this year. I mean, I like snow, but this year has been a real treat to not have it.
Scenes of a corgi's life.  
My kindergarten class was learning about dinosaurs so I made dinosaur eggs out of baking soda and water and hid little mini dinos inside. Then they became paleontologists and, using vinegar, discovered what was inside this totally weird rock I found in the desert. ;)
Caderyn and my Dad went camping on a Saturday a couple weeks ago so my Mom and I loaded Gibby up and went to the Arizona Chinese Lantern Festival. It was a little overpriced, but we had a good time and they did a dragon dance and shot fireworks out of the dragons mouth. Gibby though that was EPIC. 
Gibby loved it.
And then he crashed...hard.  

 Caderyn had to create his own dinosaur for a class project. This is Bat-o-saurus. He lives up in space with the Justice League and fights crime. His favorite food to eat: bats.  
 Corgi photobomb.

Every time my Dad goes upstairs to practice, Gibby has to be right there practicing with him. He bosses my Dad around and tells him to stop playing so we can hear Gibby's music and then he makes my Dad march around the room with him.

 The weekend before my birthday, these types of decorations started popping up around the house.
It was coming...the big 3-0.
More to come this week!

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