Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Continuing with photos from our daily lives.
The weekend before my 30th birthday was one for the memory books.
Since I was going to be gone and, as a family, we have a really busy March, my parents threw me a birthday party with some close friends. It was just wonderful. It was the perfect way to celebrate.


And then Caderyn sang me his own special birthday song. Which was just fantastic.  

The day after the party our school had its annual auction. It was 60s themed, and we had a good time getting dressed up and having a fun night out.
 Yep. It was a great time. I won a bid on a girls night out to a broadway dinner theater. I'm PUPMED.
Cranky Gibby. Pouting on the couch.
 New nails.
The school invited a special friend to come and help them celebrate reading. He was a hit and the whole school had a dance party.
Tomorrow is Caderyn's 6TH BIRTHDAY. So tomorrow will be all about Caderyn.

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