Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Our Easter weekend included the start of Spring Break for the boys. It was nice for all of us to be off together.
Good Friday there was a Spring Carnival at Gibby's daycare so we went and watched that cute little dude have the time of his life bouncing in a bouncer, searching for eggs with candy in them, and devouring a gigantic orange cupcake.
Gabriel, surprisingly, is not a huge fan of sugar.
But he grabbed on to this cupcake and ate and ate and ate until there was nothing left but the frosting on his face. He gave really good commentary while he ate, with lots of, "That's yummy" except when he says it, it sounds like, "Dat's Ummy," or "Mmmms."

Saturday before Easter we took the boys to an Easter egg hunt. Gabriel really got into it this year and both kids were excited about eggs and candy so it made the experience really fun. After the egg hunt (which I wasn't able to take pictures at because I was too busy helping the boys get some loot) we had breakfast and then went home to dye our eggs. Again, this year Gabriel really got into it, so that made it all the more fun to do.

That night after tubs, my mom came up with a genius idea. She put Glow Sticks (the really skinny kind that make bracelets) inside Easter eggs and then the boys got to run around outside in the dark trying to find them. They loved it. 

Once in bed and asleep I watched Interstellar with my parents while the Easter Bunny worked his magic ;)
Caderyn's basket
Gibby's basket
Easter morning was exciting and fun! We had church so the boys got up, checked on their baskets and then got ready for Easter Mass.
Walking to church
We go to church every week at school and Gabriel doesn't come with us, so I was a little nervous about my feisty little Giblet in the mass setting. Surprisingly, though, he did fantastic. He was dancing and singing along with the music and he had lots of snacks and a coloring book to keep him occupied. So mass was a success. Afterward, our friends came over for brunch (mimosas!) and an Easter egg hunt.
We collapsed into a sugar coma the rest of the afternoon until we went over to our friend's house for dinner. For some reason ham always tastes so good on Easter. I don't think I eat it any time of the year but on Easter. The kids (and adults) ended up having a water gun/water balloon fight that kept everyone entertained before dinner.    
After the water fun and dinner we cut into a delicious chocolate cake my mom had made.
And then, before we knew it, Easter was over.
But our Spring Break was just beginning...

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